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sexie ladie  Sexielady

This Tut was written on the 15th of September 2008
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental


Tube of choice, I am using the great work of Jon Moss
Filters needed eyecandy 4000 glass, and xenofex 2 constellation
Font agincort or one of your choice
Sorry but the scrapkit I used was by Farrah Creations but her blog is down so One of your choice should do fine
Animation Shop

Open a 500 x 500 blank canvas and flood fill white. Now go to your preset shape choose your eclipse shape.

line style set to diamonds, width 20, retain style checked and foreground set to null. Make your cicle a decent size now objects alin center in canvas and convert to raster.

Effects eyecandy glass, settings set to clear glass, bevel profile set to hump, and basic settings set at default settings add a drop shadow of choice. go back to Effects inner bevel 2nd bevel, width 22, smoothness 22, depth 5, ambience 25, shineness 3, intensity and elevation set at 40.

Back to your preset shapes and make a circle with your eclipse tool this time regular line style and width set to 1.

Make a circle touching the inner edges of your diamonds and convert to raster.

Take your magic wand and click in your inner circle and copy and paste your paper of choice as a new layer, selections invert delete select none. You may now delete your circle layer at this time, but I kept mine for guidence.

Click in your circle layer once again selctions expand by 9 copy and paste your tube as a new layer, selections invert delete. Selections select none. Bring below your diamond layer and add drop shadow of choice.

Add your embelishments of choice or you can do it like mine and add dropshadows on them. delete the eclipse layer now if you havent already done so.

Duplicate your diamond layer and add a drop shadow make it slightly bigger then the original. You may now add your name and copyrite info at this time.

On your bigger diamonds duplicate 2xs that way you have a total of 3. Take your magic wand and click on your diamonds you dont have to have it all covered just the middle, effects Xenofex constellation star size 2, size variation 5, star density 3, overall sta denisty 0, overdrive 74, settings set at bling bling. Do this to the following layers but hit random seed a couple of time for each layer.


X out your background all layers except for your 1st big diamond layer copy and paste as a new animation in a.s. do this with the following 2 diamond layers but paste after the 1st frame, hit ctrl + a to select all your layers, effects apply image effects and select rotate. you should now have multiple frames. un ex all layers but x out your big diamond layers and background layer copy merge and paste as a new animation in a.s.

Duplicate your frame to match your bigger diamond layers select all like we did before and paste into your diamond frame make sure this is all selected as what we are tryin to do wont work.

If everything doesnt show up in your tag you may have to resize and play around a bit with the sizes to have it fit the way you want it.

While this is all selected go to your frame properties and change your opaque color to one you like and WALLLA!


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sexie ladie
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