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 Under The Boardwalk

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PostSubject: Under The Boardwalk    Thu May 19, 2011 1:37 pm

This tutorial was written on the 19th of May 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Tube of choice I am using the artwork of Scott Blair you can find his artwork over at MPT, please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrapkit by Jo from A taggers Scrap
Background image by Shiela Craig
Mask of choice I am using mask 23 by Becky
Animation shop (only if you will be animating)

Oklie Doklie open up a blank canvas 800 x 800 copy and paste your background image and add your mask to it.
Open frame 9, with your magic wand click outside of it and invert , contract about 40 add a new layer under it and past your background image into selection.

Open decor 1 paste it on one side of the frame so some are sticking out duplicate mirror merge down and bring under your mask.
Open up the sand, paste as a new layer, duplicate it and bring it down so it looks wider, duplicate it again and do the same, merge these 3 together now. Adjust blur gaussian blur 20. Add noise random 28, brightness and contrast set at 18 and 52. (you may need to add noise again).
Float, defloat, selections modify feather by 10, invert and hit delete until you get a shape you like. Bring it under the frame but have it sticking out like mine.

Copy paste clock place, Add your tube now so you dont have to later and u can move things around her lol. Open net 2 copy and paste place under her, duplicate place above her and start erasing so it looks like she popping thru.
Under your tube again open decor 1 paste as a new layer under your tube and place resize by 90 2xs.

Open seagull resize to liking and place. Open flower one resize by 80 and place like mine all i did was mirror them. Open candle resize and place duplicate them a couple of times and place, merge them together. duplicate so you have a total of 3 close out the 2 duplicates for now.

These are the rest of the things you need..
Open up the Barrel, resize and place
Open Jar and resize place in the barrel and start erasing lmao.
Open up a boat resize and place.
Shipslog resize place.
Butterfly resize and place duplicate and mirror.
Anchor resize by 4o and place
Add the wordart resize and dropshadow.
Open up some shells and randmly place them i resized most by 30 n under lol.

Ok add name c.r. now copy merged and paste into ani shop. close out 1st candles on the second one use your warp tool everything default exept for size leave it at 10 on your candle flames push them up some. copy merged and paste after the 1st frame. do the same for the 3rd candle. save ya work ur ddone

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Under The Boardwalk
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