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 Strawberry Wine

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PostSubject: Strawberry Wine    Strawberry Wine  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 22, 2011 6:11 am

Strawberry Wine  Strawjowine

This tutorial was written on the 21st of June 2011 any simialarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

Tube of choice im using the awesome artwork of Arthur Crowe you can find his tubes at PTE
Scrapkit by Jo from A Taggers Scrap
Clusterframes By Raspberry Road there should be 2 that you are using from the strawberry collection.

Open 800x800 canvas, open up your cluster frame resize by 20 and place onto your canvas, click in the canvas expand by 6 and with a gradient of choice to match your tag add a new layer and place below the frame and flood fill.
Add your close up now invert and delete. Duplicate it now, on the bottom layer change it to soft light, on the top duplicate change it to screen and change the opacity to 70. Ok add your tube now we're gunna work around and below her n the frames which makes things easier for placement.

Ok this is going to be below the frame now, with your gradient add a new lay floodfill and add a mask of choice, I used a circle one. Next add a swirl of choice to it duplicate mirror and place like mine.
Open decor 2 resize by 80 and place mirror and flip it so it looks like mine. With your second clusterframe resize by 15 and place like mine above your tube at the bottom.

Add your candles resize to a liking to fit what you are doing. Ok open strawberries 2 resize and place, open the bird and place also.

Open the following and place them as you please

Add a quote, name and copyright info and ur all done.

Strawberry Wine  Rainovermebreena
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Strawberry Wine
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