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PostSubject: BY THE WATA    BY THE WATA  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:16 pm

BY THE WATA  Bythewaterbreena

This Tut was written on the 19th of Septermber 2008
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental


Tube of choice, I am using the great work of Jeanne you can find her work Here
Filters needed Almathera and Eyecandy 4000
Background image of choice I got mine through the same tube artist
Mask By Essexgirl, mask on pg 27


Open 600x 600 blank canvas and floodfill white. Now make your foreground color null and your background color black, go to your preset shape and either choose a rectangle or a sqaure whatever that will match your background. i choose a rounded rectangle, make sure retain style is checked when doin this. Make a big enough rectangle and convert to raster, duplicate this layer and resize the duplicated layer by 90 %. merge down. Take your magic wand and click in your rectangles where the frame is floodfill with a color of choice i choose #5a5a00, DO NOT DESELECT as yet. go to effects eyecandy bevel boss bevel width 16, bevel height scale 50, smoothness 75, inside checked, and shade interior checked. Add another dropshadow of choice and deselect. you now have your frame.

Add another raster layer and bring it below your frame layer, layers new mask layer from disk select your sg cornered octagon. invert transparency checked, merge group and resize by 90%. you want to duplicate this layer and flip it so your ends look like can play with it a bit too give it the look you want now merge down on your 2 mask layers when you have the look you want.

Now x your mask layer out but dont delete as we are done with that layer for now. Take your magic wand and click in your rectangle selections, modify expand by 6 copy and paste your background as a new layer and arrange the way you like selections invert delete and deselect, brin it below your frame layer. duplicate this layer 3 times that way you have a total of four layers. now take your magic wand and select all your water on the 1st background layer.

Effects almathera plugin puddle, now make sure your settings is as follows reflection 318, displacement 20, lightening strength 45, perspective 3 and scale at 30. DO NOT DESELECT THIS LAYER.

you want to x the layer out while it is still selected by the water and move on to the 1st duplicated layer add the same puddle effect but move your scale to 35 now. Keep doing this to the following 2 duplicated water layers by adding 5 more, you should stop a 45 on your scale.You may now deselect at this time. You can un X your mask layer at this time also. Add your tube name, saying,and copyrite at this time also. I used the broadway font for my name and wording. I selected inside the letters and used eyecandy, default settings on your waterdrop settings but make sure your size is set to5. If you want the glassy look like mine keep them selected and add your glass layer from eyecandy n have your settings very low.


Close your duplicated background layers and keep your original layer open. Edit copy mered and paste as a new animation. Do the same with the second layer but paste it after current frame keep doin this with the following 2 duplicated layers and set your frame properties to 20 you may now save your tag

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