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 Bad Ass Chick

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PostSubject: Bad Ass Chick   Bad Ass Chick Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 11:43 am

Bad Ass Chick Badasstimlowery

This tutorial was written on the 31st of july 2011 and assumes you have knowledge of psp and recoloring in psp. Any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.


Tube of choice, im using the amazing artwork of Tim Lowery. You can find his work over at PTE
Template by Tasha which you can find on her blog here
Bad Ass Chick kit by Kittz Kreationz
Filters needed Cresent Moon, Xero Radiance, eye candy (optional of gradient glow), Ff B accelerating dasies, forest filter circles.
mask of choice.

Ok open up the template, canvas size 800 x 800 now recolor all the purple parts to match your tube. Now that you have that done add your tube/s randomly like mine. (told ya should have a good knowledge of psp lmao)
Merge your circle tubes together and duplicate it. Leave it alone for now. Merge your filmstrip tubes together also. On your diamond tube layer duplicate it on the bottom layer change it to luminance legacy, on the top layer use you xero radiance.
Use something that is subtle not to bright not to dark. Change the blend mode to overlay and lower it down to 75.

On your bottom circle layer add crecent moon fade out with the following settings

Then add cresent moon warm cloth with the following
BLEED - 46

On the duplicated copy add the same xero radiance as you did before change it to screen and lower it down to 78.
white stripes lower the opacity to 50.

Add a paper from the kit to the rectangles and another to the bigger circles. On the paper on the bigger circles i added xero radiance n lowered the opacity some.

On the rectangle frame layer add a gradiant glow of choice to it.
On the rectangle on the bottom, go to effects texture effects weave with 1, 8, 1 colors white.

Now add your tube, we will mess with the film strip a bit later.

Open piercings from the kit resize by 40 n place dup n mirror it now go n earase bits to make it look like its pierced thru hehe
Take the whip sezize by 50 and place. Open up the tickets and randomly place them merge together and resize to 60.
Open the swag resize by 70 2xs and then by 80 and place.

Open up the stars place on one side dup n mirror it merge down and add some noise to it. Add cresent moon warm cloth to it, and adjust the color with your hue and saturarion tool.
Open the scatters and randomly place it.

Open the rose and skull tattoo resize about 60 and place. Open up the flames recolor place on 1 side dup n mirror dopshadow it n delete the extra pieces on the side.

Copy and paste the fencing underneath the diamond layer it should center itself when you do this.

Open up the cigerette resize by 30 rotate left by 20 place duplicate mirror and flip then place.

Open chain hanger resize by 75, free rotate left by 90 and place like mine. Open bottle resize 50 n place.

Open boot duplicate move one slightly lower n merge down resize and place.

Light ray resized and placed to your liking. With a font of choice color white i wrote the words BAD ASS and changed the blend to soft light.

Ok onto your strip photos duplicate if you didnt already and add your radiance, change the blend to lighten.
On the bottom add ff b acelerating dasies with the following settings
zoom in/out - 41
spokes- 105
rotation - 104
shading amount 124.

On the same layer add forest filters circles with the following settings brightness 137 and size 37.
set the hue and saturation to this at 0, do the same for the top layer. Duplicate the top layer again and bring it below the original bottom layer change it to lighten, and the very top one to hard light.

phewwwww add your name and copyright and save ya all done.

Bad Ass Chick Rainovermebreena
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Bad Ass Chick
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