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 Crazy Bitch!

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PostSubject: Crazy Bitch!   Crazy Bitch! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 12:58 pm

Crazy Bitch! Crzybitchbreena

This tutorial was written on the 27th of August 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is unintentionly and purely coincidental.

I am using the gorgeous work of Keith Garvey, you can find his work over at PTE
Please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrap kit crazy bitch which you can find at wicked creationz
Mask of choice
Filters needed xero porclien and bad dreams. Muras miesters copies. xenofex constilation.

You will need a knowledge of psp and using filters for this tutorial as I wasnt going to tutorial but decided to and forgot the sizings I used.

Ok blank canvas 800 by 800 flood fill with white. Open up frame and resize about 60 and move to the right duplicate and mirror it merge down.

With 2 colors matching the tag do a linear gradient dark on the bottom light on top. Click in your circle expand by 3 add a new layer and flood fill with your gradient.

Now add your tube to this, invert and delete them, merge down and duplicate it on the bottom change the blend to screen and lower it to 68.
On the top i want you to add xero bad dream a setting that makes your tube look good, hit random a couple of times. then do the same for xero porclein.
Change the blend mode to soft light and lower it to 50.

Now add your wording in small letters i used Oh lala size 8, go to objects align center and convert to raster. Use muras miesters copies tilling gap 2 everything else default.
float n defloat again invert and hit delete on the wording change it to soft light.

Open the glitter splatters copy one and paste as a new layer move it over towards the right duplicate mirror merge down n send to the bottom. do the same for the second splatter but move ir over slightly.

Do the same for netting and flame. Open up the record resize it about 40 place like mine duplicate 2 more times and place like mine.

Copy and paste the film strip, select inside of them expand by 1, new layer use a midnight blue color and flood fill add xenofex constellation play with it till you get what u want.
Add the city scape to it invert and delete. Now add fire below this n move it up so it looks like its popping out sorta lol.

Now add the skull doodle to this and then your main tube. This is where you will have to resize and place your elements as i cant remember the sizings lol.

Speaker roughly 30 % dup and mirror.
tank 2
paint spray

add a paper of choice at the bottom, and add your mask to it.
Add your name n copyrights also and save lol easy ehh..

Crazy Bitch! Rainovermebreena
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Crazy Bitch!
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