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PostSubject: No Name   No Name Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 1:42 am

This tut come from me own creative mind and similarities
are purely coincidental
You should have working knowledge of psp and
animation shop to do this tut
please do not copy this tut. you may use it for your groups but
please link to my Blog and not Creative Bitches.

No Name Tut3lori


kit of choice Im using one of Loris Fabulous kits called
psp addict you can find this kit and many more
at her store HERE

Template 398 from the amazing Missy at her Just Tickled Pink
blog HERE

Open your supplies in psp

resize the template width by 600pixels
delete the word art an cr
copy and paste your tube up at the top an resixe to fit your tag

I work from the bottom up with templates

Merge the 2 rectangle 1 together
go to effects - texture effects - weave using these settings
gap size 1
width 4
opacity 1
gap n weave color i used the green but u can use any color
from ur kit or tube
now select all-float-defloat-modify-select selection boarders
both sides
by 1- add new raster layer and add a color from the kit
i used the pink

open paper 1 copy and paste above shape 2
on shape 2 select all-float-defloat-invert and delete on the paper

open paper 8 copy and paste above the frame back layer
on the frame back select all - float- defloat- invert
and delete on the paper

add your tube above the paper and do the same as the paper
deleting the extra tube
change the bleng mode to luminance l

u used the manual color corector on the frame changing it
from white to green and then added a little noise

on the rectangle layer use the same instructions
as we did for the rectangle 1 layer adding the weave and frame

on the thin rectangle layer i added paper 8
then added a thin frame layer

click the glitter circles merge them together and change the color
from white to green with the manual color corrector

click on frame back 2 an merge them together
open paper 9 and paste above the frame back 2
select all - float - defloat - invert and delete on the paper
add your tube above this paper and change the blend
mode to luminance l

now add any goodies of your choice from this fabulous kit
an were done

thanks so much for tryin this tut id love to see any
results to this tut you can email them to me at

No Name Mel
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