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 Turn it Up

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PostSubject: Turn it Up   Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:26 am

This tut come from me own creative mind and similarities
are purely coincidental
You should have working knowledge of psp and
animation shop to do this tut
please do not copy this tut. you may use it for your groups but
please link to my Blog and not Creative Bitches.


Kit called Rock Me By Lori you can find it at her store
Scrap it Studio

Bars ani from Loveys blog
Love Shack Tutorials

Musicial notes are from Abstract Tutorials
she gave me permision to use this ani im my tut
please go HERE to get it for yourself

Open new canvas 600x250
open paper 12 resize by 600 copy and paste to your tag
open paper 8 resize by 600 copy n paste to your tag
Layers - load mask - merge group

open your tube copy n paste it under the mask layer and move
to the side (like mine) duplicate and mirror
merge together and lower the opacity to 50

open elly 77 resize height 300
copy and paste above the mask layer
keep where its placed
click inside the frame with the magic wand and expand by 3
copy and paste paper 19 rotate right invert and delete
on your paper

add your tube and position how u like in the middle
add a drop shadow

open elly frame 6 resize height by 250
copy and paste to your tag over the tube
position half way down on the right side
duplicate, mirror and merge together
Click inside each circle expand by 3
open paper 21 copy and paste to your tag
Invert - delete on the paper

now add some ellys you like in the kit
and we will be ready to animate

open both anis in ani shop

In psp hide all layers from the top all the way to the tube
(inc the tube)
so you have from the frame then paper down open
copy merged

paste into ani shop as new animation
duplicate this so u have a total of 29 frames

select all on the music notes ani then copy
paste into selected frames
you will have to play with it a lil to get it to look right

back to psp
now hide the layers we just copied
and from the top of the last one u hid
open up to the half circle paper layer
like this

copy merged and paste in ani shop
do like you did before and duplicate it till u have 29 frames
copy and paste into selected frames
now copy and paste the other ani the same way u did before

i changed the animation properties to 30

woooaaallaaaa were done

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Turn it Up
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