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 Country Xmas

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PostSubject: Country Xmas    Country Xmas  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 5:10 am

This tutorial was written on the 8th of December 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.
This tutorial is based on just this scrapkit you may however use a similar kit to make this tag if you do not have it.

Country Xmas  CountryxmasKIRSTY

Scrap Kit country christmas by kirsty which you can purchas here
Mask of choice
Recipe of choice

Open up a blank canvas 800x800 or larger if neede 900x900 which you can do later if you really need to.

Find the journal mat copy and paste it as a new layer and keep it centered. Now with a font of choice one that doesnt look distorted when you resized type out your recipe.

Open up Hills with your deform tool resize it so its width matches the width of your journal, place this behind the journal on the bottom.

Grab the snow resize by 80 place at the bottom of the hill duplicate and place above the journal.

Copy and paste tree place behind on the right side resize by 80 duplicate and mirror the tree.

Bakery resize anywhere 25-30 place before one of the trees check my tag for an example.

Open up the cookie jar and the cookies resize the cookies to 30% now randomly place them on the cookie jar, what i did was do a few and merge take the merge layer and duplicate a few times. Lower the opacity and erase the middle where it says cookies for santa.

Merge the cookies and the jar resize by 40 and place like mine on the tag.

Copy and paste drink resize by 35 and place.

Copy and paste the rolling pin and resize to liking, use your deform tool and rotate it.

Open up the cookbooks resize by 30 and place same as with the cookies.

Resize the knife and forks to to one you like and place where you like

Gingerlights use the deform tool again to size it up with the journal Smile

Pie resize n place.

Open your gingerbread people resize them about 40 and place them.

Ginger glitter resize again and place. Us one of the alphas i resized by 30 and add your phrase/name.

Add your mask and for kits when using a kit its always nice to add the scrappers name and website.

Country Xmas  Rainovermebreena
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Country Xmas
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