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PostSubject: STALK ME !!   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:30 pm

This tutorial was written on the 13th of November 2009 any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental

My stalker template 1 you can find it Here
Tubes of choice I’m using the wonderful work of Ismael Rac you can find his work here
Fonts of choice
Brushes of choice
Plug-in needed eye candy 5 textures, and nature. Muras misters’ copies (optional)

Open up the template shift D and close out the original (we will colorize later in the tutorial). Click on your stalker layer, with your magic wand click inside S and go to selections modify expand by 2 copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer selections invert and delete. Bring below the glass layer of your template.

Repeat this for the following letters and merge the tube layers together.

Now that your tube layers are merged together, selections select all; float defloat. Add a new layer under and with a light color from your tube flood fill. Change the properties opacity to 80 percent. Click on the glass layer and change the color of it to match your tag, go to your properties change the blend mode to screen and opacity to 90.

You can now go ahead and colorize everything to match your main tube, I am using purples lol.

Click on the overlay layer selections select all float and defloat, go ahead onto the glass, stalker, tube, and color layer and hit delete on each. Now with one of your fonts small enough write a something going across like my tag you can choose to write the same or different thing for both lines, send it below the overlay. Change the opacity to 50 on there.

Since your small star is colorized now, duplicate that layer. Go to eye candy textures settings set to sparkle, hue noise 10, brightness noise 20, and opacity noise set to 10 everything else is set to the default settings. Click on the duplicate e c 5 and hit random seed.

Click on your big star colorize if it hasn’t been done already and go to e c 5 nature clear with reflection as the settings, basic is set to default but the width is set to 19.19 do that 2xs so it looks glossy lol.

Add your tube at this point it will help us a bit when we try to add the stars and pushing down on the letters… Welll speaking of pushing down layers close off the background layer, and anything above the overlay and merge the overlay, words, glass (duplicate and close off before deleting), stalker word, tubes, and words visible.

Add a new layer above your background and flood fill with a light color add your tube of choice and add muras meisters copies tiling (angle) everything default except the fade out will be -71 and fade out will be checked. Change the properties to screen; you now have a back ground. Now on to the fun stuff! Go ahead and add your name and copy right to this as we are half way finished.


1. Take your big star layer and move it to the top left of your page so it looks like its coming down on your S. Copy merged and paste into animation shop.

2. Go back into PSP and Open your duplicated glass layer, select your selection tool and select TALKER out of stalker and hit delete. Your big star should be on the S at this point. On your small star layer close out the one you originally had open and open up the copy; Copy merged and paste after current frame in animation shop.

3. Switch out small stars layer again and then go back to the glass frame merge this layer to your stalker layer so it looks lit up, click on your warp brush and select your mesh brush (you should have a bunch of squares now) take the middle pointer or one that will make your letters go down smoothly and push down on it till you have a spot you are comfortable with. Move your star down with your letter S.

4. Click undo until you have your original where the star is about to reach the S and nothing else is touched. Move your star in between the T and the S like its about to jump on it, switch small stars again to the one u haven’t used this should be your 4th frame so it should be the copy of the small stars.

5. Repeat steps 1- 4 for the rest of the layers, when you are finished you should have 21 frames change the frame properties to 15 and save your tag.
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