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 Santas Secret

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PostSubject: Santas Secret   Santas Secret Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 4:10 pm

Thought this would be something different to tutorial so here we go. This tutorial was written on the 10th of December 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Santas Secret Santassecretceline


Tube of choice I am using the awesome artwork of Celine which you can find at SATC
Card template by J Carson
Scrapkit Santas Secret by Puddy Cat Creations]
Filters Needed penta jeans eye candy 5 glass

Okly dokly Open up the template I believe it is temp 2, hit shift D to duplicate close out the original. On the copy change the DPI to 72 and the height to 600.

With a paper of choice copy and paste copy and paste ontop of layer 1 and delete layer one.

Add a new layer on top of layer 2 flood fill with gradient of choice add penta jeans default settings on there do it again lol. Back to layer 3 float defloat invert back to gradient layer and delete.

For layer 4 you can choose to recolor the elements there and do the next steps or you can do it my way.

I choose to float and defloat the circle layer add a new raster layer with your gradient or paper of choice paste it into selection it gives all the circles a different pattern. Do not deselect yet, go to effects 3d effects inner bevel and use the default settings.
Add eyecandy glass to it play with the settings to get the look you would like.

NOW resize santa to what looks good for you and place him, same as the christmas tree.

For the presents I resized them between 30 - 40 % and placed them so they looked nice, I then resized the latern by 60% x2 placed duplicated n mirrored it.

Layer 2 bring to the top float defloat add a new layer and flood fill with white, change the blend mode to soft light. Add a dropshadow to the wording or recolor it lol.

Also add your tube to under your words and layer 2. Copy merged your tag paste as a new layer ontop of the tag you have already made go to effects textures and add one of the textures you like.

Select all contract by 5 and hit delete. Now add your name and copy right and your all done Smile

Santas Secret Rainovermebreena
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Santas Secret
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