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 Sweet Music

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PostSubject: Sweet Music    Sweet Music  Icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 6:07 am

This tutorial was written on the 25th of January 2012, any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional. A working knowledge of PSP is good for this tutorial.

Sweet Music  Sweetmusicbibi2


Tube of choice im using a stunning tube by OrkusArt from PFD
Scrapkit Sweet Music Lover by the awesome Bibi that you can purchase at SATC
Mask of choice

Oklie Doklie now blank canvas 800 x 800 copy and paste frame dos, resize by 80.
Click in the center of your frame expand by 4 with a gradient of choice that matches your tube add a new layer below and floodfill.
Do not deselect yet, copy and paste your close up above the gradient layer a couple of times, now merge the tube layers together, selection invert and delete.

Change the blend mode on this to screen and lower the opacity to 72, duplicate change the blend mode to soft light.
Add a paper below all this and add your mask of choice to it.
Copy and paste element 79 above the mask layer resize by 60 and place duplicate and mirror.

Element 75 copy and paste above the tube layers, element 54 copy and paste as a new layer.
Element 50 comes next, element 56 resized by 90 and place above the frame layer towards the top.
Element 12 copy and paste resize by 65 and place above the heart.

Add your tube to your tag at this point because everything else above and under will be based on how your tube is positioned.
Element 33 copy and place, element 76 place.
Copy and place element 78 place where you like or like mine.

Element 42 resize by 85% 2 times.
Element 67 by 60
Element 62 place as like
Element 69 resize to liking
Element 40 by 70

NOW add whatever else you like from the kit along with your name and copyright.


If you would like to animate the tag like mine all i did was use the warp tool in PSP or the butt I had the settings set to 100 and hardness to 50 everything else default.
Copy merge your tag and place into animation shop as a new animation.
Ok now with the brush slightly push up on the bottom of her butt and pull up on the butt a tiny bit.
Copy merged this and place after the first frame in A/S
Back to your tube push down a tiny bit on her lower back and her upper back copy merge and place after the 2nd frame change the properties on this to 20 and save.

Sweet Music  Rainovermebreena
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Sweet Music
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