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PostSubject: Romance    Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:41 pm

This tutorial was written on the 1st of February 2012 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional


I am using the artwork of Zlata_M you can get this tube at PFD by doing their quest
Scrapkit Romance by Laurie Made Me Scraps
Animations 04-10 by simone
Filters needed photoswizzle kaleidoscope
Lyrics used in this tutorial is by Marvin Gaye

Ok blank canvas 600 x250 copy and paste your close up or tube of choice to fill up the canvas, merge visible.

Duplicate the tube layer. On your color palette change the top layer to a color that matches your tag and the bottom to white. Make a gradient and flood fill bring to the bottom.
Change the bottom tube layer to luminance legacy and merge down to the gradient layer

Now go to photoswizzle with the following settings:
Split - 20
Mode 2

Ok now change the top tube layer to soft light. I added the sparkle that came with this tube above that, but laurie has one there also its element 5.

So now you wanna go to your preset shape and choose the rectangle color white no borders. Make a rectangle same size or close to mine. U now want to go to selections float defloat then
go to effects texture effect and blinds number 2 and 20 color same as your foreground. Keep selected add a new layer flood fill with your gradient contract by 3 and delete. Add noise to it random and 22.
Back to the rectangle change the blend mode to soft light and duplicate it so it has a bit of a soft feel.

Open up element 38 copy and paste and place or if your using the same tube u can place where mine is.

Element 32 copy n paste resize by 50 move towards one side duplicate it and mirror merge down place it towards the bottom.
Copy and paste ya tube now resize if needed i resized mine by 90.

Copy and paste element 35, place to one side duplicate mirror merge down and bring behind the tube, duplicate it and bring it above the tube now erase whatever u dont want showing of the ribbon.

Element 45 copy n paste resize by 70 and place.

Open up elements 19 and 21 and set them the way that looks good to you i resized both by 50. I duplicated element 19 so i had a total of 2 placed it where i liked n then erased the end of the stems.
Do the same for element 15.

Element 43 resize by 40 do the same for element 44.

Add a new layer selections select all select borders inside checked number 4. flood fill with your gradient add the same noise. Select all again change it to 3 add white at this point now repeat the last step but change the number to 2 and flood with gradient and add noise.

Add a lyric of choice name and license at this time.


Close off everything except for your tube and background layers, along with the rectangle, rectangle frame and lyrics. Copy merge this and paste as a new animation in animation shop. Hit ctrl+l until u have 36 frames now open up
Simones pixie dust animation, in psp format select all and copy, go back to your tag frames select all and paste the animation into the frames you may need to move it to get it centered.

Do the same for swirlyheart1pink007 but place it towards the left, next go back to the swirly heart ani and mirror the frames copy them paste into the frame again on the other side.
Back to psp close out the frames we left open and open the frames we closed out, copy merged paste as a new animation in as duplicate so you have 36 select all copy and paste into your tag frame and save Smile

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