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PostSubject: Citylicious   Citylicious Icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 1:53 pm

This tutorial was written on the 16th of February 2012 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Citylicious Cityliciousnicky

Tools Needed

Tube of choice Im using the fabby artwork from the king of Pin Ups Keith Garvey please dont use this tube without the proper licence to do so
Citylicious scrapkit by Nicky which you can also purchase thru SATC
Filter needed is Fiter Factory D moving Screen
Mask and font of choice
Lyric of choice

Open up a canvas more like 900 x 900 copy and paste frame 1 rotate it by 90 to the left move it towards the side duplicate it and mirror. Move the duplicate so it not in the original frame.
Merge these down now if ya want.

Copy and paste glitter one copy and paste on to your canvas duplicate and mirror it merge down and place below the frame. Open up sparkes 2 and 4 copy and place them ontop of your glitters you may have to move them around some.

Now make a gradient of choice to match your tag, click inside your frame go to selections modify and expand by 5 add a new layer below the frame and floodfill with your gradient dont deselect. Now up your tube or the tube close up and place them randomly under your frame so the face shows.
Merge these together while its all selected selections invert and delete now. Copy and paste The cityscape move to oneside place it so your tubes face shows, paste it again and move it over so the ends meet up merge down when satistfied invert and delete. Ok you may deselect now.

On your tube layer duplicate it on the bottom layer change the blend mode to luminance legacy and opacity to 30. On the top tube layer change the blend mode to screen and opacity to 30. Now go to effects filter factory D moving screen with the following settings.

FFG D-Moving Screen

freq 190
highlights- 65
amount 176
mode 64
add 1 175
add 2 24
lightner 0
trans 0

Open up one of the lights resize by 50 and copy and place it behind the cityscape so it pokes out on top like mine.
Duplicate and mirror it also. You may copy and paste a paper of choice place it below everything and add your mask to it at this point.

Copy and paste the light ray resize about 70 place on one side duplicate and mirror merge down and place below the frame.

Open one of the citylicious wordarts and place where mine is.

Ok With a bold font I wrote Welcome To NYC because its where I was raised lol, I added a slight dropshadow to it and changed the blend mode to softlight and duplicated it so it was darker.
On the bottom i took a line from Alicia Keys and Jay Zs song Empire State of Mind.

Ok now copy and paste the mercedes resize by 50 and place it, Copy and paste the bottle resize by 30 and place.

Open up the disco ball charm resize by 60.

Cocktail should be resized by 20 and placed, Copy and place the hat resize to something that fits you.

Earrings resized by 30 and place. Copy and paste your tube duplicate it and change the blend mode to softlight.

Copy and paste the dice resize by 25 and place, copy and paste the camera resize by 10 place to one side duplicate and mirror.

Open up the piercing resize by 30 place and with your eraser, erase the part at the top so it looks like its going around the star like mine.

Add your name copyright info and save.

The city is an addiction.
- Timothy Leary

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