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PostSubject: NAUGHTY PRINCESS   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:34 pm

This Tut was written on the 19th of July 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental
Tube of choice, I am using the great work of greg horn you can find his tubes Here
please do not use this tube without the proper license.
Scrapkit Elegant Princess by Tantrum
Filter Factory A
Animation Shop

1. Open blank canvas 600 length and 250 width .
2. Open a paper of choice and set it as your forground pattern color. background null.
3. Preset shape set dodecagon line width set to 15 make one large enough for your tag but leave some space. on the top n bottom. Duplicate it 2xs and align them next to each other like mine and merge. them together.
4. Open a paper of choice copy it back to your tag, click inside your template (one u just made) with ur magic wand and expand it by 4. Paste paper as a new layer selections invert and delete send below your template.
5. Add a dropshadow of choice i did 0,0, 30, 10.
6. New layer flood fill with a gradient of choice or u can make your own if you know how or recolor one. Filter Factory A poolshadow set at default. Change the properties to multiply and opacity to 50.
7. Open your tube(s) of choice, select the insides of your dodecagon and expand by 10 since it wont select the full thing with a drops. add ur tube selection inver delete, do this with the other 2 dodecagon. Bring your tubes to the bottom of the template, but leave the gradient at the top. Add drops to your tubes.
8.New layer select all and contract by 6, invert and floodfill with gradient, selections select all float defloat, effects outer bevel set at default but elevation set at 17 and width set to 1.
9. Add all other embellishements of choice. I added the flower to to sit behind my tubes. Add your name and copyright information also. If you dont want to animate you are done at this time.

1. Open your animation shop and copy the paper layer under your template. Set it as a new animation in animation shop.
2. Effects insert image effect, set effects to underwater, customize, apply sunlite clicked, sunlite intensity 6, water depth 10, wave 1, and x an y 10. Click ok effect length 3.1 and frames per second to 4. delete the last frame.
3. Back to psp; Copy your background layer and paste it as a new animation in a/s duplicate it so u have 12 frames, back to your 1st set of animtions select all copy and paste them into your background layer like u had it in psp make sure they are close to what u have in the original tag.
4. Back again to psp x out your background layer, paper layer, and second and third tube layers. Copy merged everything and paste it as a new animtion is a/s. Back to psp close off the 1st tube layer and open the second copy merged and paste after current frame. Do this also with the 3rd tube layer.
5. Now that u have 3 frames select all and duplicate. Select the last three frames and reverse it. all one more time and duplicate; so u have 12 frames. change the frame properties to this at 100.
6. Copy this animtion and paster it onto your background and underwater frames so it looks like your tag in psp chane frame properties to a slower one and save.
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