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 Nautical Vibes

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PostSubject: Nautical Vibes   Tue May 01, 2012 10:06 am

This tutorial was written on the 30th of April 2012, any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional, A knowledge of PSP is needed for this tutorial.

TUBE of choice, im using the artwork of Maitre Jim which can be purchased thru SATC please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Nautical vibes scrapkit by Scrap Demensions
Sand tube of choice sorry I made this one myself and allowed a friend to use it in her kit n cant supply it.
Mask of choice.

Blank canvas 800 x 800 copy and paste paper of choice, I used the one that looks like it had clouds and add mask to it.

Copy and paste the port hole 2, resizr by 70. Now copy n paste the net resize it by 50 place on one side duplicate n mirror.

Paste your sand of choice now.

Click in the porthole, expand by 3 add a layer below it and paste paper of choice into selection which should be on the layer below the porthole.

Seagulls on pylon resized by 60 and then by 70.

Welcome sign and anchor by 30, as well as the bottle.

Add your tube of choice as well as some fishes and crabs most of mine were resized in the 20s.

Add name and copyright and your all done.

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Nautical Vibes
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