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PostSubject: EXCLUSIVE SET 1   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:35 pm

This Tut was written on the 19th of February 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental
Tube/s of choice, I am using the great work of Keith Garvey you can purchase his work Here
please do not use this tube w/out the proper license to do so
Font of choice I used Rufa
Fliters needed is muras miesters copies
Animation shop
A drink and maybe a snack cause this may take a while

1. Open your tube and a blank canvas 250 h x200 w pick a color from ur tube preferably a lighter color and flood fill it on a new layer. Pick another color but this time click on textures at the side. I used the bricks thats on there but u can use whatever texture u like, now floodfill your layer with your texture as u can now see the effect it has on there lol. You can either add your tubes on there now or u can add them after we start the second part i used it on the second part you can minimise this now.

2. Open a blank canvas 250X600 and color it like we did in the canvas we did earlier now back to the canvas we did earlier copy it and paste as a new layer and duplicate so u have three of them. Lay them out next to each other side by side. line them up as close as u can that way nothing looks crooked(helps to close ur background when doing this).

3. If u havent added ur tubes yet do so now on the 2 side layers at this time duplicate ur middle layer 2xs n close off. Add ur main tube along with ur copyright where it is visable on the 1st box. Add a dropshadow to your tubes if u wish as this time and on your middle box also. Merge your tubes down to there proper box as this will help when we start moving the boxes. U should now have tubes on all layers. Add your name where u like i did mine on both sides and copyright as a new layer also. NOTE if u want ur name like mine duplicate n postion them alike n merge them down to their rite boxes.


4. Close off ur top layer as we are going to add your words now I chose "Dont Like Me To Bad So Sad Cry Me A River" but split the words between the following 2 duplicated layers that way all layers is filled with something. Ok grab a snack now cause the animating part takes alot longer then makin the tag on this lmao.

These steps im about to do is a but tedious i suppose but its the only way i can think of to getting this the way I want it but if u come up with a different way go rite at it.

5.Close all layers except for your background layer (should be blank) and your middle tube layer paste it as a new animation in a/s. Do this with the following 2 middle layers and add the 1st layer again after so there is 4 layers all together. On your first frame I want you to go to your effects insert image effect add click on fade. Set your transition length to 2.9 and your frames per seond at 3. do this with the following 3 layers also you should have about 36 frames now.

6.Back over to your psp lower the opacity to the main tube layer (middle one) to about 40ish or just close it off ur choice. Now make your right tube layer active go to effects muras miesters copies and add the following

7.Now go on your left side and change it to -60 close off ur main tube layer copy merge the two layers and background but keep your copyright closed we'll add that after and paste it after your bckgrnd layer in as(dont worry we'll add the other layers u made earlier 2 a bit later). Now back to psp hit undo about 2-3 times and keep subtracting it by 10 and adding it after your frame layers in A/S that way when it animates it looks like its closing in (finish at -0).

8.Do this again but this time the rite side gets the -numbers and the left side get the regular numbers you'll be starting at -10 and 10 keep adding 10 more to every layer again after you get to 60 when u do it again instead of going 10 you will do -67 N 67.

You should now have 14 frames . Copy all and paste after the last frame, animation reverse frames. copy the the 1st 14 frames once more and paste after those frames duplicate the last layer to match your 36 frame layers. Now copy ur name and copyrite and duplicate them 36 times and add them to your 1st fading frames then copy those frames and add them to your background frames. Now select your 1st frame, the frames you can see the words clearly and set the frame properties to 150. All other frames should be set to 30. save ur tag is finished, if u want to make the avatar i did just repeat the fading steps.

Hope you all have enjoyed this tut as much as I did
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