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PostSubject: Skullz N Stripez   Skullz N Stripez Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 11:38 am

This tutorial was written on the 8th of May 2012 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unitentional, A knowledge of PSP is needed for this tutorial.

Skullz N Stripez Skullsnstripezceline


Im using an amazing tube by Celine Pinup she is to freaking gorgeous which can be found at SATC
Skullz n Stripes scrap kit by Tasha's Playground which can also be bought thru SATC
Template 24 by Becky P
Filters Needed Toadies what are you and ec 4.


Open up your template shift d to duplicate, close out the original on your new canvas delete the credits and the layer with the wording on it.

Alrighty now, teal background float defloat copy n paste paper of choice invert and delete, while still selected copy and paste the close up of your tube onto there towards the right side and hit delete, deselect now and change the blend to screen.

Light grey float defloat add a new layer, pick a dark color and a light color change it to gradient, radial, 235 and 1 should be the angle and repeat.

Float defloat your circle rows and randomly add colors to each one to match your tag, i did gradients n regulars.

Now that we have those out the way we will add a few items before moving ahead.

Float defloat the grey rectangle paper again, copy and paste the city scape invert an delete.

Float and defloat left rectangle, copy n paste paper of choice to it.

Frame background float defloat add gradient or paper of choice, invert delete. Copy and paste the close up of your tube again and hit delete.

Duplicate the close up, on the bottom layer change the blend mode to multiply and on the top to soft light.

Frame layer now, float defloat feather by 5 add gradient of choice on a new layer, add noise of 50 on there. Gradient glow from eyecandy 4 fat.

Bottom strip do the same thing we did with the frame, except the gradient glow, invert and hit delete about 2-3 times.

Top strip will be done the same way as the teal rectangle (the very bottom one), instead of readding the tube go down to the tube at the bottom promote selection to layer and bring above the paper layer.

I added the wording SKULLZ N STRIPEZ O MY!.

Now that we have all that done, copy merged the template without the white background, Paste it as a new layer and send to the bottom.

Go to your forground and background make one of them white and the other a color to match your tag, now go to Toadies what are you settings both at 7. Repeat the filter except change the forground n back ground with the arrows next to them.

Go to effects texture efects blinds color white 2 n 20.

Add scatter, resize to liking and place at the bottom like mine.

Add a sparkle of choice under the frame background.

Chain resized by 75 and placed, started erasing the parts in the middle of the frame so it looks like mine.

Spider resized by 50, dragonfly resized by 50, bullets resized by 30, Add tube of choice at this point. Doodle copy n paste resize to liking i think mine was resized about 50.

On teal rectangles paper add a deep dropshadow 5 , 5, 65, 5 then do it again but with -5s, 32 and 5.

Add name and copyright and your all done.

Skullz N Stripez Rainovermebreena
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Skullz N Stripez
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