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 Enchanted Meadow

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PostSubject: Enchanted Meadow   Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:28 am

This tutorial was written on the 2nd of August 2012, any similarities to any other tutorials is pure coincidental and unintentional. A knowledge of PSP is needed for this tutorial.

Tube of choice im using the amazing work of Jose Cano which can be purchased thru SATC, this particular tube is not yet in the store.
Enchanted Meadow kit by Nicky which can also be purchased thru SATC

Ok blank canvas 600 x 225 or if you prefer 250, copy and paste paper of choice.

Copy and paste the clouds, resized about 70 duplicate and mirror.

Copy n paste butterflies resize to liking, now add the scattered dots and bring to the bottom.

Grass 2 copy n paste as a new layer bring it to one side, duplicate and mirror.

Mushroom house resize by 50 and place, add it as a new layer again and resize it by 40, place on another side.

Mushrooms 1 copy n paste resize them by 30, now duplicate it a few times and randomly place them.

Grass 1 resized by 80 place on one side duplicate and mirror.

Flowers of choice resize them by 30 or smaller to make it look like a meadow.

Add tube of choice at this point, Jar 1 resized by 15, frog resized by 10ish, and Lanterns 1 and 2 to liking.

Add your name and copyright. Add a new layer flood fill with a color or gradient, select all contract by 5 and hit delete.

Add another new layer select all contract by 2 fill with white, contract by 1 and hit delete. Save your tag.

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Enchanted Meadow
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