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 Sea Adventure

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PostSubject: Sea Adventure    Sea Adventure  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2012 12:14 pm

This tutorial was written on the 19th of September 2012 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional. A knowledge of PSP is needed for this.

Sea Adventure  Seaadventuresnicky Sea Adventure  Seaadventuresavinicky

Tube of choice im using a tube by Katerina Poliakova which can be found at PFD
Sea Adventures kit by Nicky which can be bought thru SATC
Filters needed AAA frames

Open a blank canvas 600x250, ok copy and paste a blue paper of choice that way it looks like the sky, copy and paste the clouds also.

Now copy and paste the sand bring it to the bottom of the canvas like mine, next add a water of choice to it.

Bottle resized by 10, copy and paste your splashes randomly place them.

Copy and paste both ships, resize them to your liking.

Netting of choice resized by 40 and placed on the sand.

Barrels copy and place on one side resize about 30.

Birds copy n paste resize by 30.

Ok now using your square preset shape make a rectangle the size of the paper on the left and right. Duplicate and mirror it merge them together.

Float defloat invert and add paper of choice to this now hit delete, invert again and contract by 25 hit delete. You should now see a black rectangle..

Add you close up in between the black square and the paper, duplicate and mirror merge it down, change the blend mode to luminance legacy.

Effects blinds color white 1 n 15, duplicate it again and change the blend mode to soft light.

Waterdrops resized by 30, anchor copy n pasted resize by 30 duplicate and mirror.

Wheel resize to liking, duplicate and mirror it.

Chains, lantern, compass, and willows resized by 30.

Add your tube of choice to this now. Copy merged your tag and add as a new layer, go to aaa frames default settings opacity about 80 add name and copyright and your all done.

Sea Adventure  Rainovermebreena
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Sea Adventure
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