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 Falling Leaves

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PostSubject: Falling Leaves   Falling Leaves Icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2012 1:21 am

This tutorial was written on the 12th of October 2012, any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Falling Leaves Fallingleavesbreena

Tube of choice im using an awesome tube by Ismael Rac, please dont use this tube without the proper licence to do so.
Leaf and football tube that should have came with your PSP
Mask of choice im using mask 42 by becky
My leaf template, just right click and save.
Falling Leaves Tprwb_leaftemp

Blank canvas 600x600 copy and paste my template as a new layer, selection select all float defloat.

While that is selected pick out 2 fall like colors for your forground and background turn it into a gradient.

Floodfill your leaf with it, now duplicate the leaf. On the bottom layer go to adjust gaussian blur 15, go to effects texture effects weave with the following 1,8,1 colors both white fill gaps selected.

On the 2nd leaf go to effects texture effects, texture add the following to it:

texture crumpled paper, size 25, smoothness 10, depth 2, ambience -34, shininess 34, angle 315, intensity 67, and elevation 39.

Now go back to effects texture effects blinds with the following 2, 15 white light from top unchecked.

Float defloat this, copy and paste your close up invert and delete.(DO NOT DESELECT) Duplicate it on the bottom layer change the blend mode to luminance legacy and change the opacity to 75. Change the top tube to soft light.

OK duplicate the leaf layer again bring to the top modify and contract by 5, now add a nice noise to it.

Add tube of choice to this, now add a new layer go into your tube folder in psp and click and delete till you come up upon the football.

Add another layer now click on your autumn leaves tubes in psp, now trace along the line like I did at the bottom or you can do the whole thing Smile.

Add name and copyright to this.

Falling Leaves Rainovermebreena
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Falling Leaves
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