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 -♥Gangsta Bitch♥-

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PostSubject: -♥Gangsta Bitch♥-   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:52 pm

-Tube of Choice i used to Beautiful artwork from Keith
Garvey (full and closeup) you need a licence to use his
work. Get it
-Sparkles of choice not sure where i got this
-filter Factory A-Spotlight


Taking two colors that compliment your tube
Make a Foreground/Background Gradient
Have the setting on
- Repeats 4
-Angle 45
-Repeats 4

Floodfill A New layer

then Effects, Textures, Mosaic - Antique on these settings
Number of Colimns 60
Number of Rows 60
Tilie Diff 70
grout width 2
Grout Diff 30

duplicate this layer three times to total 4

On yhr 2nd layer up--Filter Factory Gallery A - Spotlight
on these settings
Put the 2 top sliders (X and Y) at 70

Click OK

Now on the 3rd Layer up Apply Spotlight again
leave the settings the same
but change the top 2 sliders to 130
And the Inner Grain to 175

Then On the top floodfilled layer Change the X and Y slider

settings to 183 each and the Inner Grain setting to 204

Hide your background color

Now using your rectangle tool with tthe width set to 6
draw out a small rectangle (use my tag for placement if
needed) add a dropshadow

Add your closeup tube under the lil frame u just made and
position it like mine then duplicate it once

On the original tube layer change the Opacity to 50
Now with your majic wand click inside your lil frame-
Selection-Invert highlight top tube layer--Delete

Then to Effects--tecture effects--Blinds with these settings
check the other 2 boxes

Now under your 2 larger tubes add your smaller tube
resize and sharpen if needed (i used the belly part but you can use whateve part that compliments your tube)

change the blend mode to to hard light and the opacity to

Now add a text (i used Gangsta Bitch and copied it till it
ran across the bottom of my tag). then used this drop


Vertical 1, Horizontal 1, Opacity 90, Blur 3, Color white
add another drop shadow keep the same just chance the
vertical and horizontal to -1 (or u can use a gradient glow)

Add a new raster layer Selections-select all-modify-contract by 7-invert and floodfill with the same color you used for your lil frame
add a drop shadow

Now add any elements and copyright to your tag


Hide the 3 Spotlighted Layers Have the bottom one (the
unspotlighted gradient one) showing at all times

Edit, Copy Merged Over to Ani Shop
Edit, Paste as a New Animation

Back to PSP Unhide the 1st spotlight layer Edit, Copy Merged

Back to Ani Shop Paste After Current Frame

Back to PSP Hide 1st layer Unhide 2nd spotlight layer

Edit, Copy Merged
and back to Ani Shop and repeat the above process
for the 3rd spotlight layer

then Hide all the Spotlight layers in PSP again and Edit,

Copy Merged the first one as before
in Animation Shop We should have 5 frames of animation

Click on the 1st Frame go to Effects, Insert Image

Transition And Apply these settings
-Animation frame-checked
-Transition length- 1.2
-Frames per secons -4 fps

Click on Frame 6 insert again

Click on Frame 11 Insert again

then Click on Frame 16 Insert Again

then When you've got 21 Frames of Animation Click on

Frame 21 - and Delete it.

So you have 20 frames of Animation

Click on the Frame 1 Edit, Select All Animation, Frame

Properties and choose a speed I used 35

then View, Animation

Thanks for tryin out my tut Id love to see how your tut came out just email it to me at

Here is another i did

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-♥Gangsta Bitch♥-
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