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PostSubject: -♥Shadows♥-   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:56 pm

Supplies/Plug Ins Needed
-3 tubes one half body and other 2 full body with a cool pose i used the
talented Jose Cano you can find
-Background image (not supplied cuz not sure where it came from)

-Alien skin Xenofex - constellation
-VM Extravaganza-Transmission
-Eye Candy-Marble

-Open a new image 500x200 transparent
-Using 2 colors that compliment ur main tube (the half body)
-use these gradient for the 2 colors
Angle 45
repeats 1

-Then use Transmissions with these settings
line with-1
-Now add ur background image and change to Luminance L bring the opacity down to 80

-add a new raster layer transparent
-Sections-select all-modify-contract by 10-invert and floodfill with a dark grey-select none
-Effects-Eye candy-marble with these settings
Vein Size-24
Vein Coverage-76
Vein Thickness-4
Vein Roughness-79
bedrock color the dark grey u used
Vein Color-black
u can hit random speed till the veins look cool

-Open ur half tube and center it in the middle like mine

-Now open ur 2 full tubes and shrink them so they fit full on the tag
and put them side by side on the left side of your main tube
-Merge together
-Selections-float-defloat-add new raster layer-floodfill with the same gray as ur frame
-Now go to selections - modify - expand by 1
add a new raster layer-transparent-and floodfill with black
-Now place under grey layer

-Ok so we now can delete the main tubes
-Duplicate the grey shadow and Image-mirror-then merge
-Duplicate the black layer-image-mirror-then merge
-Now duplicate the black background layer 2 times to make 3
-On the first layer-effects-xenofex-constillation with these settings
star size-2
size variation-0
edge star-50
overall star-0
twinkle amount-40
keep original image checked

-Highlight second black shadow and use same settings just hit random speed once
-Same thing for last black shadow hitting random speed once again
Now hide second and third layer

-Add your copyright and name

Animation Shop
-Copy merged bring over to AS and paste as new layer
-Hide first black layer and unhide second black layer-copy merged
over to AS and paste after current frame
-Back to PSP and hide second black shadow layer and unhide the last blck shadow layer - copy merger
and paste after current frame
-Image-select all
-Animation Property-16
and your done

thanks so much for reading my tut
dont forget to come back and show me ur results

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