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PostSubject: EVERY GIRL SPARKLES    EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:03 pm

EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Everygirlsparklesstpattys

This tutorial was written on the 19th of February 2010, any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Missy template 313 Here
Tube of Choice I am using the beautiful artwork of Ismael Rac you can find his tubes Here, please don’t use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Eyecandy 5 textures
Vm natural sparkle (optional)
Texture of choice
Elements of choice
Fonts of choice

Open your template and hit shift and D to duplicate it, delete Missy’s copyright layer. Select your small circle layer either with your magic wand, or selections select all float and defloat add a new layer and flood fill with either a gradient or a color of choice. Go to effects texture effects and weave. Choose an opposite color that matches your tube for both colors your settings should be gap size 1, width 5, and opacity between 10-15. Do this with circle 2 but change the colors around. If you chose a gradient just select one of the colors that matches nicely.

Select square one but do not flood fill, add a new layer, eyecandy 5 textures animal fur with the following settings.

EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Sparkleeyecandysettin1
EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Sparkleeyecandysettin2

Do the same for both squares as a matter of fact.

Select your big circle layer and floodfill with your color of choice, effects texture effects blinds and choose a blinds color as you can see my colors are matching all around lol… I used 2 and 20 horizontal checked and light from left/top checked, repeat but uncheck the horizontal lines.

Select your rectangle layer and add your color of choice, now copy and paste your tube of choice selections invert delete, duplicate and mirror and merge down. Select your rectangle again add a new layer on top of your tbe layer and make a gradient if you haven’t been using one with the 2 colors you have been using. Select sunburst and repeat set to 2. Go to effects texture effects blinds horizontal checked color either black or white whichever looks best. Change the opacity to 80.

Select large circle 2 and flood fill with your color of choice or a texture to it. I chose a texture that came with psp and the opposite color that I have been using to flood fill on top of my circle. Drop shadow this circle layer now. Ok we’re going to flood fill the square with the gradient now lol, I know a lot of flood filling huh? Add the blind effect once again.

Take your close up while that is still selected copy and paste it as a new layer selections invert and delete. Change the blend mode to hard light and opacity down to 20-30. You can add whatever little elements your lil heart desires at this time. You can also resize at this time I resized it 500x460.

Recolor your word art to whatever u like duplicate it 2 times so you have a total of 3. Close off the top 2 n select the letters to the word sparkle on the bottom add noise of 30 uniform n monochromes selected. Do this to all layers hitting uniform once more on each layer. You can also do this part to it if you have the filter vm natural sparkles with the following settings

EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Sparkleeyevmnatural

Just keep moving the random seed up on down on each layer I added it 2xs on each layer as I like it sparkly lol. Now add it to animation shop like you normally would, by copy merged and paste as a new layer in AS.

Here is another one I have done with this tut
EVERY GIRL SPARKLES  Everygirlsparkles
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