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 -♥She Stars♥-

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PostSubject: -♥She Stars♥-   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:04 pm

I wrote this tut from me own crazy mind.
Any similarities are purely creative minds thinking alike.
To do this tut u should have working knowledge of psp.

For this tut you will need
→pspx2 (im sure any version will work)
→Tube of choice. Im using the fantastic work of Keith Garvey. You need a license to use his work. You can find him
I used a full body and half body tube
→Star Preset Shape of choice
→Star Pattern of your choice
→Font of choice i used Inspiration
→My Supplies

Filters Used
→AlienSkin Xenofex-Constellation

Ok lets get this party started
Open new canvas 600x250 (you can re size later)
Set your foreground and background to a light and dark color from your
set the gradient as 45 Angle 1 Repeats
flood fill your background
add a new raster layer
Click on your foreground color to bring up the Material Properties
Find your star pattern and set it to
→Angle 45
→Scale 20 (play around with it till you get it how u want it)
Flood fill the new layer
bring the opacity down to 20 and change the Blend Mode to overlay
merge these 2 layers together.
Using your preset tool draw out the star and move it to the left slightly.
Rotate it a lil to the left to give it a slight slant to it
once you have it how u want it Convert it to a Raster layer.
Duplicate this layer-Image Mirror-then merge togther
Select all Float-Defloat-Modify-Select Selections Border x2
Add a new layer and fill with the gradient we used before.
Add another star-Objects-Align-Center of canvas
do the same with the frame with the same gradient
On all frame layers Adjust-Add Noise
→Gaussian-39%Noise-Monochrome Checked
Add drop shadow to the 2 frame layers
Now on the 2 background stars
selections-Select all-Float-Defloat
Effects AlienSkin Xenofex Constellation
→Star Size-2
→Edge Star-1
→Overall Star-2
→Twinkle Amount-100
Keep Original Image
On the Middle star add your star pattern the same as you did the background
Alright now highlight your background layer and add your half body tube
and move to the right see my tag for positioning then duplicate and mirror
merge these 2 together set as hard light Opacity 50
Add the same tube over the background stars and position the face inside the star
duplicate and mirror so the face is in both stars
highlight the black stars Select all-Float-Defloat-invert-Delete the tube layer
On the faces Add Effects Xero- Radiance on default setting
Set to Hard light 90% Opacity
Add your main tube and position in the middle
Add the Xero-Radiance but move the last slider to the middle
add your drop shadow
Now u can add the stars i provided and position them how ever
you like. I positioned them how i wanted on the left side then merged them together
then duplicated and mirrored
Last Add a new Raster layer on top of all other layers
Select all-Modify-Contract by 5-Invert and flood fill with the gradient
add drop shadow.
Add your copyright and names to your tag and your done

Thank you for trying out my tut. Please come back and show me your results
so i can start a slide show......[/size]

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-♥She Stars♥-
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