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PostSubject: SNOW PRINCESS   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:10 pm

This Tut was written on the 2nd of November 2008. Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Tube of choice, I am using the great work of OutLawByDesign
2 masks Hearts and Ribbons mask by Essex girl(its on pg 2)and another of choice
Snow princess scrapkit by Yvette Here
Font Al Heavenly
No filters needed

Open a 600 x 600 blank canvas and floodfill white. Open a paper of choice and paste as a new layer resize by 80 %, layers load mask from disk and select your 2nd mask invert transparency checked ok and merge group. We are going to do the same thing again but you might want to choose another paper I choose a lighter and darker color for my papers resize again by 80 and add the hearts and ribbons mask and merge group. Copy and paste your frame of choice and resize to your hearts desire add a dropshadow to your liking. Take your magic wand and click into your frame selections modify expand by maybe 10 copy another paper of liking and paste into your frame selections invert delete.
Bring this under your frame layer and change the opacity to 65. Now you can add your tube and the elements the way you like so it can be differ then my tag but similar i added flowers around the bottom and merged them. I added the trees and duplicated and mirrored them these all have to be resized before you can get the effect you want on your tag. I liked the wordart princess to go with my tag from the scrapkit so thats what I used. Now that you have your elements in place Onto writing your name if you no how to do this go on and your tag is done but if you dont go onto the followin step.
Ok so we are goin to choose a color differ from our tag doesnt matter what color and draw a circle or what ever shape frame you are using around your frame make sure it is close to the edges now DO NOT CONVERT TO RASTER AS YET. choose 2 colors from your tag for your name i choose black for both that way my font looked a bit wider. Now click on your text tool and wait for an A with a circle to pop up it should look something like this A ) Now begin adding your text. Next we are going to your layer pallete and click on the + sign by your vector shape it should open up now. click on your text layer and right click we are goin to convert text to curves and we are going to make it a single shape. now go below your text onto your frame shape and delete so you jjust have the text now. convert to raster and your tag is now done.

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