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PostSubject: -♥Dancer♥-   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:21 pm

I wrote this tut from me own crazy mind.Any similarities are purely creative minds thinking alike.
-To do this tut u should have working knowledge of psp and ani shop-1 tube close up and full body Im using the amazing artwork from Keith Garvey you can purchase his tubes

Filters/Effects Used-Xero-Radience
-VM toolbox-Motion Trail Wild
-Illumination Effects-Sunburst
-Texture Effects-Fine Leather
-I used a sillouet brush from Dieviant Art

Ok Lets Get Started

-First open a new canvas 600x250 (you can resize later)opoen up your tube and pick a foreground/background color from yourtube

-floodfill your canvas-Using your ellips tool background hidden, go from one side to the other so you have a wide oval (stretch it out from one side to the other

-Select your text, pick a boxy font. With backgground hidden

- click in the middle of the ellips line and type out a word that best fits your tube-Objects, align, middle of canvas, then move down somewat to the bottom.
-Convert to raster layer-Now with your magic want click inside the letters. Selections, Modify,Expand by 2

-Then promote selection to layer-On the word frame layer (should be on top) add some noiseand a drop shadow.

-Highlight word layer and apply these settings

-Now highlight your background layer Effects, Texture Effects,Fine leather with these settings

-Now add your full tube and move to the right.Once you have it where you want it Duplicate and Mirrorand merge together
-Effects, Xero, Radience on default settings-Change blend mode to Luminance L and the opacity to 70.

-Add your close up and position how u like

-Add the Xero Radience and give a drop shadow

-Now find your sillouet brush and pick a color that best suits your tube

-Add 5 silhouettes infront of your lettering small enough so you can still see the word but big enough to see the animation on them

-once you have all 5 of them positioned duplicate so you have 5 layers- On the top layer highlight, go to selections, float defloat, Effects, Illumination Effects, Sunburst-Use these settings moving the horizontal slider so the burst is on the first head like mine

do the same for the rest of the layers moving theburst over each head

-Add your own sparkle or one i have included

-Ontop of all the layers Add a new raster layerSelections, float, defloat, modify, contract by 6Invert, Copy merged, Paste as new layer

-then give drop shadow to top and bottom
-Add copyright and names and were ready to animate


-Have only the first silhouette layer showing

-Copy merged, paste as a new animation in anishop

-Back to psp hide the first layers and open up thesecond layer Copy Merged

-Paste after current frame in anishop

-Do the same with the rest of the layersOnce you have 5 layers go to Edit, Select all

-Animation, Frame Properties, 35 View animation


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PostSubject: Re: -♥Dancer♥-   Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:24 pm

hey sweets check your links out..

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