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PostSubject: ROCKIN THE 4TH    ROCKIN THE 4TH  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:24 pm

ROCKIN THE 4TH  Rockin4thchaneyjo

Tube of Choice I am using the awesome artwork of Jose Cano please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so you can purchasr his work Here
Weescotlass mask 92 and 81 Here
Scrapkit by Chaney Jo Here
Animation from Here
Plugin xero- teksta
Dsb flux bright noise
Font of choice I used matisse itc

This tut is for advanced users that know how to do animations without help of the writer, and was written on the 8th of june 2010. Any other tutorials similar to this are purely coincidental.

Resize frame 5 by 40 – 50% depending on how big you want your frame, I used 40%. Open paper of choice, layers load/save mask 92 and merge group. Duplicate your mask and choose a color from your paper and add a gradient glow, I used thin and 3 for the width; bring this below your frame layer.

Take the stars from the kit and resize them put them around the canvas to your liking i used muras miesters copies for mine, once finished add apply the second mask

Now take another color, one from your tube and select the inside squares of your frame expand by three, add a new layer below and flood fill it, and add your tube as a new layer on both side selections invert and hit delete. Set your hue and saturation to the tube both at 0. Duplicate on the duplicated tube add the teksta plugin at default settings opacity set at 50. On the black layer below your tubes go to texture blinds, settings at 5

Add elements 4 and 5 to the left side and merge down, duplicate and mirror. Now open ele 8, 27, 44, 65, ele 54 on the background of the frame.

Now for the word art choose a font of choice, write out what your heart desires, add noise of choice I used 40 uniform n monochrome selected. If you wish add a gradient glow and drop shadow of liking.

Add your tag into animation shop like you normally would and now add the rest of your animations wherever you like at this time.

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