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 -♥Sugar Lips♥-

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PostSubject: -♥Sugar Lips♥-   -♥Sugar Lips♥- Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:27 pm

-♥Sugar Lips♥- Sugarlips

This is my very first tut hope this comes out right
OK Here goes

This tut is my creation any similarities are just coincidential I wrote this tut November 8th 2009

--Im using PSPx2 but im sure any version will do
--Tube of choice i used the beautiful art work of Keith Garvey you need a licence to use his work. You can find it HERE
-- Mask of choice
--Template from Blissfully Beth Calles Sugar lips #114 find it HERE
Plug Ins Used
- Mura's Meister--Copies
- Eye Candy 4000--Gradient Glow
- dot

On to the Tut

-- First open the template and duplicate it (shift D)
-- Image-resize-500x500-delete copyright & bottom layer
-- Highlight Lips-Adjust-colorise to ur tube-add drop shadow
-- Highlight the pink square with the magic wand--add new raster-flood fill color to match tube
-- Add your tube and fit to your new square-Effects-Eyecandy-grradient
glow with this BASIC-3-25-100 COLOR set to FAT-color white
-- magic wand on square-selections-invert-delete on the tube
-- Highlight the white frame Layer with your magic wand-new raster
layer-flood fill with color of your liking-effects-gradient glow same
settings as before but change to thin-color white-selections-none- dot with these settings Value-255-distance
10-Color R,G,B all 255- ok-add drop shadow
-- Highlight the word art Sugar Lips and use your magic wand to
highlight just the pink area-add new raster layer-color to fit your
tube-Adjust-add noise to these settings Gaussian-44 Noise-Monochrome
checked add drop shadow to the original sugar lips
-- Highlight black rect with your magic wand-add new raster-Flood Fill
with these settings-background color black foreground a color from your
tube-Gradient to these settings -Linear-Angle 45-Repeats 3
-- Using your text tool Type out Sugar (or what ever text u would like
to use)objects-Align-Center of Canvas-Effects-Mura's Meister Copies with
these settings Tilting-keep everything the same except change Tile gap
to 1-OK (i had to line mine up a lil bit) Click the black rect again
with your magic wand-selections-invert-delet on your words layer
- Add your tube and size so you can fit 4 of them and duplicate it 3 times arrange as shown on mine then merge
all 4 change - settings to Lumanance (legacy)opacity 75 - Magic wand on black rect again-Sections-invert-delete on tubes layer
-- Click on the blue frame with your magic wand-new raster
layer-floodfill with your same gradient color except change the angle to
143-select none-effects-eyecandy400-Gradient glow with same setting as
before add drop shadow
-- Click the blue rect with your magic wand-add new rasper layer-fill
with color of with same
-- Highlight black frame effects-eyecandy-gradient glow with setting as before add drop shadow
-- Delete all un needed layers
-- Add your mask of choice, Name you would like on it and copy right and wuualaa you are done

Thanks to who ever bares with me through this tut im sure ill get better with time..

Here is another example
-♥Sugar Lips♥- Image6

-♥Sugar Lips♥- Mel
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-♥Sugar Lips♥-
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