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PostSubject: PICKING PUMPKINS IN AUTUMN    Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:17 pm


Tube of choice I am using the work of jose cano you can find his tubes here please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrapkit picking pumpkins by blackwidow creationz this is a ptu kit that you can find here
autumn mask 97 by aqua here
grass tube of choice, there should be one in your psp default tubes.
Animated falling leaves which you can find here
word art or brush of choice i got mine from vixs autumn brushes here

Open a blank canvas 700 x 700 copy and paste paper of choice and add mask duplicate and merge down.
Open element 45 and paste it as a new layer use your pick tool to straighten it up. resize if needed.
Add a new layer and start adding your grass tube to make it look similar to mine, bring it down from the frame layer. earase any part of the mask covering the grass.

Now add element 54 resize if needed, duplicate and mirror move down and over slightly. Add element 8 but move it towards the bottom of the tag but still
touching the bigger pumpkins.

Add your tube copyright and name now i thought this jose cano tube looked cute sitting on a pumpkin lmao.

Add emelents 10,35,36,51, and 53 onto your tag, you will have to keep resizing until you get what you want lol.


merge your mask layer and your grass tube layer and copy and paste it into a/s as a new animation hit ctrl l to duplicate it 10xs. Open your falling leaves and randomly place them
onto your tag.

Back to psp close out your grass and mask layer, copy merged everything else an paste it as a new animation in a/s. ctrl l until you have 10 frames.
ctrl a to select all cop, bring up your mask and grass layer ctrl + a and paste into frame n walla your done save your tag.
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