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PostSubject: DANCE WITH ME    DANCE WITH ME  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 11:55 am

DANCE WITH ME  Dancewithme2

This Tut was written on the 5th of Januanry 2009
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental

Psp I am using psp x2 and I am sure you can do this in any othor versions you can get a 30 day trial Here
Tube of choice, I am using the great work of Ismael Rac you may not use this tube with out a proper license you can see his tubes Here
Secret Obesession scrapkit by Annies Designs
Mask by Vix # 233
Metal steel gradient
Filters eyecandy 5000 nature fire
Font any would do
Animation shop
A good working knowledge of psp

Bring a drink or maybe a snack cause this may take you a bit as it has many steps some you may not want to do but may help.

Open a 650 x 650 white canvas you can resize later if you have to. Open your tube and select a color from there as your foreground color, add a new raster layer and floodfill. Now layers load mask from disk or if you opened it up the other load mask from image and merge group, duplicate and flip arange the way you like it. Open up frame 6 and paste as a new layer resize if needed. Add a small dropshadow to this, now click on your preset shape tool select the rectangle, foreground null background gradient set to metal steel make your rectangle as big as the frame size but a little smaller so it covers the inside convert to raster and bring below your frame. Now you want to go to your hue and saturation and colorize to match your tag or your tube. you dont want to do a manual color change as it prolly wont give it the mirror effect. Add your drape resize to match your frame so it looks like mine or you can do it under but I think it looks better on the outside.

Add whatever other embellishments you may like, we'll do the candles in a little bit. You can add a saying of your choice or you can use mine WONT YOU COME DANCE WITH ME. Now add your tube as a new layer and duplicate it so you have 5-6 layers and x them out except for the 2nd one the 1st one is left untouched (note the dances will not all be the same). Click your mesh warp tool this should bring up a bunch of square boxes. You will see little cicles within the squares kind of move the lower cicle up to the but or the hips up a bit so it looks like its going up, you can do this also to other places also that you want to move along with the hips going up like the hair hands etc. click on the other side so it looks like the hips or but is moving down so circle down. Click on another layer there should be a box that pops up and tells you it needs to do a final apply click ok on it. Keep Making your tubes move like its dancing like you would when you move by clicking on new layers and applying the final apply you dont have to use all layers but I did use most of them which all depends on your tube also.

Before we continue on you may want to see what your dance moves look like lol, I had to rearrange them a bit so it had the effect I somewhat wanted. Click on your 1st tube layer and copy it into animation shop as a regular copy, do the same with the following tube layers after the 1st one. Set your animation properties to 30 I think it shows the movements best or you can go faster, if u dont like the way it is on there you can cut and paste your tube before or after the layers you think looks best. We're not going to close this as it will be pasted ontop of our tag.

Back to our tag, copy and paste both your candles size them so they arent both the eact same size or as you wish merge down so both are on the same layer makes things a bit easier also, since they dont already have flames we are going to make them. Take your freehand selection tool and make small circles around the wisp things on your cadle duplicate 2xs so you have three layers. Effects eyecandy nature fire and select the candle settings all you have to do is lower the flame column length to about 25 play around with it a bit so you have the effect you want. Fire direction set at 90. on another layer just hit random seed a couple of times on each layer.

You can now add your name and copyright, we are going to now animaate our tag. X out your duplicated layers of the candle and copy merge the rest paste as a new animation in as, go back to psp and do the same to the following 2 layers. Now select all frames of your tag in animation shop and duplicate it to match your tube ex, I had six layers so I duplicated all layers once keep them all seleceted. go back to your tubes in as and select all, copy your layers go back to your tag and paste into selected frames. you can resize or crop whatever you dont need, set animation properties to 30 and save.
Hope you enjoyed my tut I no I did

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