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PostSubject: ♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥   ♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 5:04 am

For this tut you will need working knowledge of psp

iv made this tut with my own crazy mind any
similarities are purely creative minds thinking alike.

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ SpringPunchpammers

What you will need to fallow this tut

-tube of choice (close up and full) im using the amazing artwork by Keth Garvey
yo use his tubes you must purchase a license and his tubes from
-Scrap kit Spring Punch by the lovely Artmama you can snag her freebie HERE
-The sweet masks i provided are included in the supplies
(not sure where they came from but the file names are intact.
so if these are yours please please let me know so i can credit you)
-masks, frame and pattern

Filter used
-Xero- porcelin and radience

On to the tut
We are going to work from the bottom layer up
Open all your supplies into psp

-open a new canvas 550x550
you can resize later if needed

-open paper 05 and resize 550x550
copy and paste on your canvas
layers-load kylie mask 05
merge layer group

-open paper 09 , resize 550x550
copy and paste as a new layer on your canvas
layers-load second mask
merge layer group
Adjust-add noise with these settings

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Noise1

-Open embellie 11 and resize to 400
copy and paste to your canvas
duplicate layer flip and mirror
merge together
(i added more noise to it)

-open embellie 08
resize to 525x525
duplicate layer-flip and mirror-then merge togther
copy and paste to your canvas

-Open embellie 13
resize with to 525
copy and paste to your canvas
(i just kept mine right in the middle)

-Now open the frame i provided
copy and paste on your canvas
position to the top right corner
duplicate-mirror-flip-merge together
-Using your magic wand click inside each frame
selections-modify-expand by 6
Copy and paste your paper 09
Invert-delete your extra paper
-now select all-float-defloat
add a new raster layer and floodfill with the
pattern i provided and set the blend mode to hard light

-I colorized the frame to a yellow color and gave it the noise
setting i used before

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Framemanualcolororrection-1

-Add your close up tube and position inside one frame
duplicate and mirror and position in the other frame
-Again click inside your frames with the majic wand
selections-modify-expand by 6
invert and delete the extra tube
Change the blend mode to Luminance L
and lower the opacity to 90%
Effects-xero-radience with these settings

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Radiance

-Now add your tube reside if needed to fit
Effects-xero-porcelain with these settings
♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Porc

effects-radience with these settings

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Radiance2

_Open embellie 23 (flower)
resize with to 70
copy and paste onto your canvas and duplicate and position
around your canvas
merge them all together

Now add copy rights and names
and were done

Hope this tut has been useful be sure to come back
and show me what you came up with

♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥ Mel
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♥●♥ Punch ♥●♥
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