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PostSubject: P.H.A.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:11 am



Tube of choice I am using the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac you can purchase his tubeshere
Scrapkit of Choice, I am using the Tami n Kristen ftu collab neon punk which you can find at their blogshere and here
Filters used are adjust variations which is optional and unplugged vanderlees which is also optional
eyecandy 4.
Animation of choice I used one by Lovey Here

This tutorial was written on the 10th of January 2011, any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental. A knowledge of psp is needed for this tutorial

Open a blank canvas of 600 w and 250 h add a new layer and floodfill with a gradient of choice. now add the blinds
effect from your effects in psp mine where set on 2, 20, and white.

Add a new layer and add some brushes of choice, i did some stars and sparkles on there.
Add your tubes and position them the way you like. merge your tubes together and dupilcate, on your top layer add adjust variations and choose a color to match your tube.
Change it to soft light and bring the opacity down to 70.
On your bottom duplicate add vanderlee unplugged, pattern offset both at 50. change it to hardlight and opacity 73.

If you are using the same scrapkit as I am, I added the light to one side duplicated and mirrored it.

Add your main tube to where you like it, add adjust variations again. mine was set to the far right as you can see, duplicate it and close out for now. Now add your paper of choice. With your free hand selection tool
set it to poin to point, and make something like mine dont go to far up. Selections invert and delete. now crop your tag to 600 x 250 again. On your paper layer selections float defloat and expand it to about 5 or whatever looks best for you.

Add a new layer and bring it below the original paper layer and floodfill white, add a texture of choice to it. and a small dropshadow.

Add some elements to decorate the tag i choose the wire, boot, nailpolish, and bear. Add your original paper the same way you did before and crop again. selections select all contract by 4 and delete. okie dokie now lol. this should all be below your main tube.

Reopen your main tube, add a drop shadow of choice, i usually use 4, 4, 45, 5 but i cant seem to remember what i used exactly for this one. Go back to your wite layer float and defloat go back to your main tube and start erasing the parts you dont want to show
in the front for the smaller parts you may want to zoom in to about 800 and choose size one for your eraser. this may take some time depending on your tube.

Now that we have all that lets begin on your words. I chose P.H.A.T. used white for the original word, floated defloated expand about 2-3 add a new layer position below your word add a color or gradient and add noise of 50. I choose to write the meaning of P.H.A.T.
for the gradient around the spelling i choe the black halo and set the black parts to pink, or you can choose another gradient also.

Ok we are all done add your name and copyright at this time.

now save your tag but do not merge just as yet, we will work on your avi if you want one like mine. hit shift d to duplicate your tag, close out your border 2 main tubes name and copyright heck you can even delete them lol.
use your crop tool settings set at 150 x 150. move to where you would like showing for your avi once satistfied crop your image. With your preset shape use your circle or whatever shape your heart desires and draw it out so its big enough.
convert to raster move to the bottom, select float, defloat invert, go to the layer above it and delete. Delete all layers above your shape. invert again add your original paper invert and delete. select all float defloat contract by 4 and delete.
Add your tube like we did before with the same variation color change, drop shadow and erasing where you need to. Add name and c/r and your all done with your avi.

Back to your tag, open scattered shower by lovey in a/s cull it by 2 so you have 16 frames. In your tag in psp close out everything except for your gradient, brushes, tubes. copy merged and paste as a new layer in a/s duplicate so you have 16 frames.
Ctrl A to select all, bring up the animation ctrl a to select all copy it and bring up your tag paste into frames and select an area you would like it. close out your gradient, brushes, tubes and open the other layers copy merged, paste as a new layer and
duplicate for 16. Ctrl a to select all copy and paste into your bottom frames change the frames speed to 15 now save your tag lol

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