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 Dirty lil Girl PTU

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PostSubject: Dirty lil Girl PTU   Dirty lil Girl PTU Icon_minitimeMon Jan 24, 2011 8:36 am

Dirty lil Girl PTU DirtytutLee

This tut came from my own crazy creative mind any
similarities are purely coincidental

For this tut you will need working knowledge of psp.
Im using PSPx2 but any version below should work
the same.

Tube of Choice (full and close up) Im using the fabulous artwork
by Keith Garvey You can find him at MPT

Template and ScrapKit by the wonderfully creative Artmama Find her
goodies HERE

Eye Candy 4000- Marble

I will explain the tut using the colors that compliment my tube
you do not have to use the same colors or the same tube to do this tut.

Open template and tubes
Re size template to 550x550
delete copyright

Merge the 2 scalloped layers together (just makes things easier)
select all float, defloat, and add a new raster layer
floodfill this with black
Add this noise to the scallops

Dirty lil Girl PTU NOISE-1

Merge the 2 circle layers together
select all float, defloat, add a new raster layer
Floodfill with a color from the kit
Select all, float
open one of your close up tubes and paste it and
position so the eyes are showing (or any body part u wish)
Defloat, invert and delete the excess tube
Change the blend mode to hard light
Go to Effects-Blinds and add these settings to the teal
Now select all , float, defloat, modify, select selection boarders by 1
both sides add a new raster layer above the tube and floodfill
with white and add the noise settings

Dirty lil Girl PTU BLINDS

Merge together the 2 lg rec layers
Select all, float, defloat
add new raster layer floodfill with black
keep selected modify
select selection boarders x1 both sides
add new raster layer
and floodfill with color from tag then add the the same noise
add these weave settings to the black layer

Dirty lil Girl PTU WEAVE

The Middle rectangle select all, float, defloat
Effects Eye Candy 4000 Marble with these settings

Dirty lil Girl PTU MARBLE

Keep selected
modify, select selections boarder x1 both sides
add new raster layer and floodfill
with color and add the noise

Open paper 3 resize to 500 copy
Merge the 2 skew layers together
select all, float, defloat
paste paper
Invert and delete
Add close up tube the same way delete excess
Add the same frame we have been using

Open paper #7 resize 500 an copy
On the lg rectangle layer Select all, float, defloat
paste paper Invert an Delete excess
Add the same frame we have been using

Open paper #8 resize to 500 copy
On the black dirty wordart layer
select all, float, defloat, paste paper
Invert delete excess paper
Select all, float on the paper wordart
and paste your tubes inside the lettering
merge all the tube layers together
Invert and delete on the tubes
Change blend mode to luminance l and the
opacity to 60%

Now add elements to compliment your tube
and lets not forget copyright

Thank you for trying out my tut
be sure to come back and show what you came up with

Dirty lil Girl PTU Mel
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Dirty lil Girl PTU
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