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 Punk Rock Flousy

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PostSubject: Punk Rock Flousy   Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:22 am

This tutorial was written on the 8th of February 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials are purely coincidental


Tube of choice i am using one by Hannah Lynn which you can find here
Scrapkit used Punk Rock Flousy By Scrappin Krazy Designs which you can find here or here
muras miesters copies
Animation Shop

Open blank canvas 650x650 add frame 4 and leave it centered. Duplicate it and close out the duplicate for now.
Add your tube of choice like mine. All i did was paste the tube as a new layer drop shadowed it click the inside of the frame and inverted it
with my eraser tool deleted what i didnt want left out.

Now with that done lets open back up the duplicated frame, add mm copies set at afterimage (h-random) everything default ecept for the shift x that should be at 13.
Click on 1/n fade out 1-2 xs that way your pic in the screen looks blurred. Resize it by 90%.

Add a splatter of choice and arrange to your liking i resized one by 90 and rotated right by 10. Duplicated and resized by 70 and moved over to the side and merged down. adjusted it and then sharpened it.
Add a wire of choice to it resize by 110% and sharpened it.

Now that all of thats done lets add some elements i used the tickets, resized by 40% and then 50% place to your liking.
I did the same resizing with the skull, add the guitar and resize to your liking. place whereever you like. I even resized the diamond by 10% and again by 50 and randomly placed them.

Ok add your name c/r and whatever saying you like My MTA tags will all be snaggables so please feel free to snag and please do not add or take apart this tag for any reason

To animate it i duplicated our blurred layer to have a total of three, then went to add/remove noise set at 35 and uniformed checked. A this to your first layer, on your second layer add it again but hit uniform 2xs and again on the 3rd layer but hit uniform 3xs.

Copy merged the 1st blurred layer along with your tag and paste it as a new animation in animation shop. Do the same for the 2nd layer but place it after the first frame layer and again for the third save and your all done.

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Punk Rock Flousy
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