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PostSubject: ♥ ▪Hutzler▪ ♥   ♥ ▪Hutzler▪ ♥ Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 4:42 am

♥ ▪Hutzler▪ ♥ HuztlerBreena

This tut was written on the 7th of Feb any similarities
are purely creative minds thinking alike. Please do not
copy this tut or claim as your own. you can use it in forums
but please link it back to my blog.

For this tut you will need working knowledge of psp
Im using x3 but im sure they are pretty much the same idea.
Tube of your Choice w/close up I am using Breenas Exclusive tube by
Jose Cano.He has other Fabulous work you can use HERE
PTU Scrap kit by the fabulous BlackWidow Creations called
Huztlerz you can purchase it Here
Template #49 by Deb's Scrap Designs you can find it

LHF Rawson & Evans Alternates for the name
Slider Wide for the wordart

On to the tut

Open template and delete copyright
Copy and paste your full tube and position under Raster 4
toward the left

Open Paper 1 and resize 500x500 Copy
Select Raster 1 SA-F-DF- paste paper-Invert
Delete paper
open word art fill and re size so it fits inside raster 1
change the blend mode to overlay
Select raster 13 (circle frame) SA-F-DF-Paste paper 4
invert Delete
Add Noise


Open paper 4 resize 500x500 copy
Select raster 2 SA-F-DF-paste paper-Invert-Delete Select none
SA-F-DF-Modify-Select Selections Boarder x2
Copy and Paste paper 5 Invert Delete
add noise and drop shadow

Open Paper 1 again and make the same size as the small circle
SA-F-DF-delete extra paper
Effects-Photo Effects-Black and White Film
Copy and paste your close up tube and position
inside the circle delete extra like we have been doing
change the blend mode to Multiply
i also added Xero porcelain
with only the blue slider all the way to the right

Open paper 5 again copy
select small circle frame SA-F-DF-paste paper
Invert-delete extra
Add same noise and drop shadow

Ok Now on the Raster 4 layer copy and paste paper
SA-F-DF-Modify-Select Selections Boarder x2 the
paper 5 again Invert Delete
I took the close up and positioned the eyes in the rectangle
changed the blend mode to Multiply

OK now that we have all our papers
in place its time to decorate

I took the blue doodle 2 and positioned it in the
bottom right corner then Duplicated and mirror
then duplicate and mirror
then duplicate one more time and position at top middle
then duplicate and flip

Add some silhouettes behind the tube and
lower the opacity to 80

Add any other elements you like to decorate
your tag

Thanks for trying out my tut be sure to come back and
show me

♥ ▪Hutzler▪ ♥ Mel
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