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PostSubject: NO AVERAGE GIRLIE GIRL   Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:57 am

This tut was written by Breena on the 12th of July 2008 Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

Tools Needed

2 Tubes Of Choice I Am Using The Great Work Of Vamps Art
Scrapkit By Cordelia Here
Mask By PSP Pals
Filters Needed ~ Harry's Filter 3.0
Font Laurens Script

Open a 500 x 500 transparent canvas and floodfill white. Copy Your Big Circle stitches (obj-70 on bottom) as a new layer and add drop shadow V&H 0, Opacity 70, Blur 7. Take your magic wand click inside your circle stitch, selections modify expand by 4. Copy and paste your paper of choice as a new layer, selections invert delete, selections select none and move down.

Now you want to choose another paper you like and paste as a new layer above your backround layer

You now want to add your eyelets (obj-83) duplicate and add to satistfaction, I only did 4. X out all

layers except for your eyelets and merge visable. You now want to add a drop shadow.

Take your wand and click into the circle once again selections, modify expand by 4. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer in your circle. Selections invert, delete. Go to your properties, blend mode at luminance legacy and opacity 87.

Go to the paper in your stitches this should be the third one from the bottom, you are going to want to change the properties on this.

Blend Mode is set on screen and opacity 100.

Add your second tube of choice and drop shadow to your liking.

You now want to add your embelishments, I dont like to cover mine with tons, I see it as plain is simple and nice imo.

Ok Now For The Weird Part U May Be Thinking She Should Have Done This Earlier lol

Duplicate your paper layer above the background layer, you may or may not want to x out the original layer.

Layers load mask from disk, or from image which ever way you have it. Add a drop shadow.

Go to effects Inner Bevel, Settings as follows

Bevel - 2 Width - 22

Smoothness - 22 Depth - 5

Shininess - 3 Angle - 315

Intensity - 40 Elevation - 40

Color White

Add another drop shadow. Go to effects plugins Harry's Filter's 3.0, group other add default settings but change brightness to 50.

Add your word art and try some effects to it to suit your style

You may want to add your copy right Information now and your name.

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