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 ♥Sexy Angel♥ PTU Kit

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PostSubject: ♥Sexy Angel♥ PTU Kit   Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:40 am

For this tut you will need working knowledge of psp
This tut comes from my own crazy mind any simularities
are purely coincidental

Close up and Full tube Created by Elias Chatzoudis
You can find his gorgeous work HERE

LHF Wade Grotesque Casual Swash

Scrap Kit
PTU Called Lagrimas
The fabalous Cari created this kit, you can purchas
this kit and lots more HERE

For this tut i did some colorizing with my
Manual Color Corrector tool
If you don't have it, you must lol
Go to Adjust-Color Balance- Manual Color Correction

Open a new canvas 600x300
(we can resize when done)
Open your tube Copy and Paste it to your canvas
Open paper #13 rezize x600
copy and paste under your tube
i brought the top and bottom to the edge
to see more detail on the paper

Open Element #43 colorize to match your tube
372x303 copy and paste on your tag over the paper
and position to the left
duplicate and mirror merge together and give a drop shadow

add your close up tube above the paper
position to the left like mine
duplicate and mirror
Change the blend mode to hard light and
lower the opacity to 35

open the cloud element copy and paste it to your tag
over the tube move it towards the bottom left duplicate
and mirror, position how you see fit
move this cloud under the tube
i added a lil blue tint to it with the manual color corrector

Using the font i used or your own type out Sexy
rotate a lil to the left and position like mine
do the same with Angel rotate towards the right
position like mine

open the cute lil cupid element resize 144x175
paste top left over the tube layer
duplicate-mirror- and position down lower
for my example i gave it a reddish pink color using the
manual color corrector

Add your sparkles over the full tube layer

on top of all the layers add a new raster layer
select all-Modify-contract by 8
Invert and floodfill with a color from your tube

add another new raster layer above this one
select all Modify Contract by 6
Invert and floodfill with the same color
Now click on the other frame and hit delete
now go over to Adjust Add remove noise
with these settings
Gaussian-Monichrome checked 100% noise
On the other frame layer lower the opacity to 50%

Add your copyright and someone specials name
and we are done

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♥Sexy Angel♥ PTU Kit
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