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 Irishman's Philosophy

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PostSubject: Irishman's Philosophy    Irishman's Philosophy  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 21, 2011 1:06 pm

Irishman's Philosophy  Irishmansphilosophybreena

using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis you can find his work here please DO NOT use the same tube without the proper license to do so
template by mincrisar []here[/url] look for the st pattys day templates
Scrap kit top o the mornin here
Irishman's Philosophy here
gold gradient/gradients of choice
Xero radience
filter unlimited 2

Open template shift + d to duplicate and close out the original. On the rectangle layer flood fill with a gradient of choice to match your tag. I used the green she has style linear angle 126, repeats set at 5.
Add your tubes and delete whatever you dont want showing out of the rectangle. lower opacity to 32 and duplicate add xero radience and change your blend mode to screen.

On the bottom tube later i added the blinds effect width 2 and opacity at 50 color black.

With a darker green use your gradient again and recolor your frame add a drop shadow if you like. Add noise to this of 50.

Ok on top of your tube layer now with a bold font color white type a word, I used the word Irish, change to soft light and bring opacity down to 55.

With a font of choice, I wrote Happy St. Patricks Day, and add noise to it with a drop shadow of choice. Add ribbon and clover leaf 2 resize to liking and set over your frame and tube layers.
Add a horse shoe resize and place to the side like mine. Open decor 2 resize and place like mine add a small drop shadow.

Add your main tube and drop shadow it. Open pot of the gold1 resize about 45 and place, open the leprechaun resize it so its a tad bit bigger then your pot of gold.

Add some clovers around resize them and angle to your liking.

Onto your white square float defloat add a new raster layer add flood fill with your gold gradient, while still selected add filter unlimited 2 , paper textures selected, canvas fine, intensity 156, and lightness 87.
Keep selected add your close up tube, invert an delete it. Change the blend mode to softlight and lower opacity to 66. With your font of choice I wrote The Irishman's Philosophy and decorated with a brush from psp.

Add the hat if you like and another horseshoe. add your name and c/r info

Irishman's Philosophy  Rainovermebreena
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Irishman's Philosophy
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