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 ~♥~IRISH~♥~(Forum Set) FTU

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PostSubject: ~♥~IRISH~♥~(Forum Set) FTU   Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:11 am

This tut is from me own semi creative mind any
similarities are purely coincidental
You will nee working knowledge of psp
Im using pspx2

Tube by the fabulous Elias Chatzoudis you can find his tubes and tons more
HERE at PSP Tubes Emporium

FTU Scrap kit St Patty Gold by the awesomely creative Chickas Designz

(not sure who i got this from but if its yours please please
tell me so i can credit you for it)

VM Extravaganza-Tramages

Font-LHF Rawson & Evans Alternates

ok lets start

open a new canvas 600x300
open paper #19 resize x600 copy
and paste on your canvas
open paper #15 resize x600 copy
and paste to your canvas
Change the opacity to hard light
and merge down
now add VM Extravaganza with these settings

Open your close up tube and move to the left
see mine for positioning Duplicate and morror
then merge together
Add Xero radiance with the default settings
change the blend mode to hard light and lower
the opacity to 65%

Open the rainbow its Layer 9 copy
and paste as a new image
then resize width x600
copy and paste it on your canvas
i didn't move it just kept it where it was placed

open frame 17 copy and paste on your canvas
click inside the frame with your magic wand
Selections-Modify-Expand x2
then delete the tube showing inside the frame
(only Your closeup tube)
select none
Open flower 2 resize x400
copy and paste behind your full tube
now add your close up tube position how u
see fit inside the frame
delete any extra outside the frame

Using the font i used or your own boxy font
Type out IRISH all in uppercase size 48 stroke width 2
add some noise to it and position like mine (not to far down)

Now hide your word art and merge visible
copy what you merged now click the undo and paste
your merged layer under the word art
Un hide your word art
Now click inside each letter using your magic wand
Selections-Modify-Expand x1
highlight and right click your merged layer
and promote selection to layer
change the blend mode to either screen or hard light
whatever one you like better
Now go to Effects-Texture Effects-Weave
with these settings
(just hide the full merged layer for later)

Open the Shamrock chain rotate to the left
resize width to 300
copy and paste on your tag on top of all other layers
position to the left bottom
Duplicate-Mirror and merge together
Using your magic wand click inside each shamrock
Selections-Modify-Expand x1
Move the hidden merged layer under the shamrocks
and promote selection to a layer
Effects-Photo effects-black and white film

Ok Im not sure if there is an easier way to do this
but this is how i did the frame
add a new raster layer on top all other layers
select all-modify-contract x 8
invert and flood fill with the rainbow gradient
Add a new raster layer Select all-Modify-Contract x7
Invert flood fill with the same gradient
keep selected Highlight the other frame and hit delete
add noise to this and a drop shadow
on the above frame lower the opacity to 55%

Open new Image 175x175
Open one of the shamrocks resize x170
and paste it to your canvas
select all-float-defloat add new raster layer
I copied the background on my tag and pasted it to my avi
Invert and delete on the paper
add your tube and give it the xero with the same settings
as we did before in the tag and change the blend mode to
hard light
highlight the top layer then add a new raster layer
select all-modify-select selection boarders
and flood fill with the rainbow gradient
add some noise and a drop shadow

Woooaalllaaaa were done lol

besure to come back and post what you came up with

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~♥~IRISH~♥~(Forum Set) FTU
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