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PostSubject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Icon_minitimeTue Mar 01, 2011 5:31 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happybdaytarttutsnag

This tutorial was written on the 28th of Feb 2011 any simialrities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental. This tutorial assumes you have the basic knowledge of psp.

Close up TUBE OF CHOICE IM USING THE WORK OF HANNAH LYNN you can find her work here or at MTA also. please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
TEMPLATE Dead Sexy BY MISSYMINX at devine intentionz here
Circle Mask by Monti Here
Filters needed - penta jeans and xero radience, and ec 4
Bold font of choice I used Imapact

Ok open up your template shift+d to duplicate and recolor your pink parts to match your tag. Resize your canvas 800 x800 so we have some room to work with. Copy and paste a paper of choice and add your mask to it and resize it by 105.
Now open up your close up and start adding them to your tag the way you like. I only did the 5 front squares.
now choose a gradient, i did 2 different colors for eac but u can do what suits your tag better. Angle set at 0 and repeats 1.

Float and defloat the 2 side frames and floodfill with your gradient, then add penta jeans with the following settings 50 and 3.
So now we have that out the way, lets add the disco ball right above the black circle and close out the black circle. Add unsharp mask 2xs with the following settings radius 1, strength 75, and clipping 3 luminance only checked.

Open flameb3 and flameb2 set them to the sides, with your selection tool erease the bottom parts of the hanging flames. At the bottom add some glitter.

Lets add some paper for the film background now that we have that add xero radiance to your tube something that looks good with it and change it to luminance legacy.

Add paper to your frame background at this time also. Open sparkle 2 and place it where you like i did one to the lower left duplicated it and moved one to the upper right.

Open lips 3 and resize it 2xs by 50 and then again 60% and place like mine Open Ipod 3 and place your face part to the white background and merge down. Free rotate 25 to the left and then resize by 30 and place to your liking.
Open 1 of the hearts layers and add as a new layer rotate right by 50 and place towards the bottom erase whatever you dont want on your tube.

Open your cuffs resize by 50 2xs and place.

Lets get your wording in, I used Happy Birthday and Alternated the colors size 110 and sized it to the way i like. Add noise of 40 and added a gradient glow set to fat color towards the right is your dark color and the one on the left set to white.
settings 3, 0, and 100. Float your wording go to effects cut out, verticle and horizontal 2, Opacity 25, and blur 30, color black. Repeat with the v/h at -2.

Add a glitter trail below set to one side duplicate and mirror it. Now add a name copyright and whatever else you want and your done lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Rainovermebreena
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