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Diva Diva Diva Divacarita

This tutorial was written on the 1st of March 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental
Tools Needed

Using the fabbie artwork of Lix you can find her tubes here at PTE please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so
Collab kit pink fashion by Pink candy Designs and Rebellious scraps here
My wordart if you choose you can find it here just click on the pic and save its in png format.
Brushes of choice
Filter needed cybia screenworks

Ok were going large this time lol open 800x800, open rebellious part of the kit and copy and paste frame 4, rotate 90 left. Do not move that way its centered. Open frame 3 and paste as a new layer and move below frame 4.
You should now have something similar to mine. Choose a gradient of choice it doesnt matter how its set lol. I did this tag a week or so ago so i cant remember the exact settings to it but ill try. Click in your circle frame and expand it about 2
add a new layer below the frame and floodfill and lower the opacity to 50. Do the same for the rectangle frame. but do not lower the opacity change it to color legacy.

Float defloat your square gradient and add your close up tube invert and delete it bring it below your gradient and lower opacity o 25. Add a new layer below your close up tube and start addin some brushes, float defloat your tube go to your brush layer and hit delete tht way theres no brushes in her face.

Open sparkle 1 copy and paste it as a new layer with your pick tool thing rotate it so its like mine i added one on top and deleted what hung off the bottom again add one on the bottom also. Add the word art now at this time. recolor to match your tube also. I guess you can add your tube now and add a dropshadow of choice.

Open fan and paste as a new layer rotate 25 to the left, dropshadow to your liking. Open make up 1 and 2 copy and paste them as a new layer resize and place like mine or however you would like. I added charm 2 also from this part of the kit resize and dropshadow that also.

Lets hop on to the 2nd part of the collab kit, Open up the bag and place to the upper left of your frame behind your tube if your tube is where mine is. Open flower resize and place like mine if you wish.. Open up perfume resize and place. Open ring 2 resize and place. Open umbrella resize and place behind your tube erase whatever parts are hanging out from it. now that we have that all done copy merged your tag and send to the bottom
Gaussian blur it about 15 - 20 and add the following cybia screen works setting to it close knit set at 0. lower the opacity to 50. With your magic wand select the inside of the rectangle frame go back to your close knit layer and hit delete.

Resize add your name c/r and whatever else you would like to your tag.

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