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PostSubject: At Peace ******   At Peace ****** Icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2011 8:57 am

At Peace ****** Atpeacegwssnaggable

This tutorial was written on the 10th of march 2011 and similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental

TUBE OF CHOICE I am using the artwork of Holly Durr you can visit her site here or My Tag Art here please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so.

New canvas of 800x800 flood fill white, Open frame 5 and paste it as a new layer resize about 80%. With a paper of choice paste it as a new layer below the frame and add your mask to it.
Add a color bead of choice to it now put it towards one end of the frame duplicate mirror and flip you will have to arrange it a bit.
Open ribbon swirl paste it above your bead layers resize by 80 and place where u like it, duplicate and mirror it.

Add your tube now if your using the same one as me, use your clone tool and clone bits and pieces of the water layer and place them or you can use your push tool also either will look ok. When you are finished duplicate so you have 5
layers of your tube. The very last one should always remain open. Select your water parts with your freehand selection tool on the very first tube layer and add the redfield ripples filter with the following settings

Use the following settings for your water
At Peace ****** Redfieldimage
Now move the 0 on top to 05, and the bottom to -45 on the 2nd layer
10, and -50 on the 3rd duplicated layer
15, and 55 for the 4th layer.

You may want to use your push tool and push stuff around make it look a bit better

With your selection tool make a square where theres no water on top and add muras miesters clouds default but change the dark blue to the lightest blue.
Add whatever other elements you like i resized the birds by 50.
Also add your name and copyright info so we can go and animate.

Open up your bottom tube layer the one you didnt add ripples magic to and open up your very 1st ripple magic layer copy merged and paste as a new animation. Close out the 1st ripple layer and do the same for the 2nd this time paste after the 1st animation keep foing this until you have all 4 in there.
Now go back to your very 1st frame copy it and paste it after the 4th one you should have 5 now.

On the 1st frame add image transition fade settings at 2.1 and 4.
do it again for frame 10, 19, 28 and delete frame 37. set the frame speed to one you like mine are about 20 - 25.

At Peace ****** Rainovermebreena
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At Peace ******
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