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 Irish Eyes

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PostSubject: Irish Eyes    Irish Eyes  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 5:03 am

Irish Eyes  Irisheyessnag-vi

This tutorial was written on the 12th of March 2011 any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. This is a fairly easy tutorial as long as you have some knowledge of PSP.

Tube of choice im using the artwork of Joanne Schempp you can find her work here and at My Tag Art
Shamrock Brushes from Obsidian Dawn here
Scrapkit add on Irish Eyes here

Before we begin make sure your brushes are installed they are image pks there also in her brushes folder i believe if your not sure how to get these to work.

Open up a blank canvas 600 by 600, With a gradient selected i choose green and white angle 316 and repeats 5. Go to your Brush Select the Shamrock without the holes or gungyness set the size to 519 and place in the center of your canvas.
If you cant get it centered then simply cut it and past as a new layer and you can just leave that layer below blank for now.

Now add some tubes to somewhat cover the shamrock and merge them together when your done (dont merge them with the shamrock). On the shamrock layer selections float and defloat and invert hit delete on the tube layer. Duplicate it on the
bottom layer add texture blinds 2 and 55 color white. Change the blendmode to softlight. On the uplicated layer add blinds 2 and 28 now change this one to luminance legacy opacity 75.

Float and defloat your shamrock again add a new layer above your tubes now floodfill with your gradient again, selections modify contract by 5. I added noise gaussian blur set at 100 monochrome checked.
Ok add your pot of gold resize to your liking and place now to get the rainbow like mine select aroumd it with your free hand selection tool set at edge seeker feather 0 and everything else default. Promote the selection to layer and delete the original rainbow layer now change the opacity of the promoted layer to 50.

Add your tube now and duplicate it add gausian blur at 3 and change it to overlay and opacity to 55.

Open flowers with clover and again resize to your liking duplicate it 3 times and put it on the ends and again in the middle, Now dup them and resize them about 70 and place them so they are covering the bottom add a dropshadow to them.
Now open 4 leaf clover 1 and resize and start adding them randomly infront in the middle sides and in the back of your flowers lol.

Dont forget to add your leprechaun now lol add your word saying whatever it is you want to add name and copyright.

Irish Eyes  Rainovermebreena
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Irish Eyes
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