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 Island Luau

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PostSubject: Island Luau    Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:49 am

This tutorial was written on the 22nd of march 2011 and similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Tools Needed
I am using the artwork of Holly Durr you can find her work here and here. Please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrap kit Island Luau by Chili_designz which you can find here

I apologize beforehand if my settings do not quite match yours as i have made this tag and forgot to write down the tutorial as i was doing so.. I honestly thought i did but i guess I didnt when i went looking for it.

Open a blank canvas of 700 x 600, Open up the cluster and resize 15 %.
Open cloud and resize 50% place one to the right like mine duplicate it and mirror now move it a bit so it looks real lol.
Open up the luau heart mirror and place ontop of the palm leaves.

Open Palm 3 resize about 60 and place to the left like mine.
Open flower 3 resize anywheres between 40 - 50% and place on the frame like mine. Duplicate it and mirror it and resize 95% so its a bit shorter. Now open flower 1 and resize to your liking and ranndomly pace them like mine.

Now add your tube or tubes. Add butterfly to it if you'd like i resized mine to a size i liked and added a slight dropshadow.

Open seagull resize about 30% mirror and place like mine and add a small dropshadow also.

Turtle resize and add, Coconut resize 30% duplicate mirror and add together and place.

Add your name and copyright now and we're all done easy peasy lmao.

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Island Luau
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