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This tutorial was written on the 18th of May and specifically for this group any other tutorial similar to this one is purely coincidental.

Tubes of choice I am using the awesome artwork of Joel Adams you can find his work at CILM please don’t use these tubes without the proper license to do so
My template here Here
Scrap kit sweet girl by Jaelop Designs Here

Open up my template and hit shift D to duplicate and close out the original. Open up a paper of choice, on your template click with your magic wand the octagon copy and paste your paper as a new layer; selections invert and hit delete. Do the same for the other layers but the pixel words, white sweet, and the negative layer
If you’re going to change the bottom of the sweet layer, I used noise Gaussian and set to 40, same with the top of the octagon and put a drop shadow of choice. (We’ll leave the negative alone for now)

Now we have that all situated take the close up of your tube and copy and paste it as a new layer over the octagon. Duplicate your close up and go to adjust blur and blur more. Change the opacity to soft light, on the bottom layer change the hue and saturation to both 0, do the same for the duplicate layer also and merge down. Lower the opacity to 50. You can mess with the blend modes also if you have a solid background

On your white sweet layer selections float, defloat and copy and paste your tubes the way you like I have used the different faces on mine, afterwards merge those tubes layer down. Change the blend mode to luminance legacy, then go to effects illumination effects and add the following to your tubes.

Sticky Sweet  Sticky10

Go to texture and blinds settings at 2 and 15, color black and only horizontal checked. Do not deselect as yet! Now add a new layer and drop shadows of choice, on the same layer go to effects 3d effects and buttonize. Height 15, width 25, opacity 100, color white and transparent checked. What I also did but isn’t necessary is duplicate the bottom pink layer and brought it above the glass we just made and change the properties to soft light. Ok we’re done there.

On to our negative layer; click in the squares of the negative with your magic wand selections modify and expand by 5. Copy and paste a paper of choice selections invert and delete. Click in the top square pt again and expand by 5 copy and paste your tube in there selections invert and delete, deselect. Do the same to the following 2 squares. MAKE SURE THE PAPER AND TUBE LAYERS ARE ALL BELOW THE NEGATIVE LAYER.

Ok add your elements name and copyright at this time.


Copies merged your tag as it is now and paste as a new animation, next move your bottom tube to the top in the negative and your middle to the bottom, move the top one in the middle. Copy merged and paste after the current frame. Do this once more but bringing the tube in the middle to the bottom, bottom to top, and top to the middle. Copy merged and paste after current frame

Take your very 1st frame in animation shop and copy and paste it after the last frame you should have 4 layers in animation shop right now. On the very 1st layer go to image transition click on fade settings at 2.1 and 5. you will be doing this on frame 12, 23, and delete frame 34. on the 1st frame as well as 12, and 23 change the properties on them to 150 you may save your tag now at this time.

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