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 ♥Addicted To Skullz♥

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PostSubject: ♥Addicted To Skullz♥   ♥Addicted To Skullz♥ Icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 4:35 am

Addicted to Skullz

♥Addicted To Skullz♥ AddictedtoSkullzcari

for this tut you will need working knowledge of psp
im using x2 but im sure any version will work

Heidis template Addicted to Skulls and cute lil Skulls
on her blog Designz by Shasta

Tube of choice Im using Celines tube called Emo
If you would like to use her tube you must
purchas it from MPT and use a license

PTU Scrap Kit called Atomic Bomb Created by
Cari at Black Widow Creationz

Ok grab ya self a coffee or snack
and lets get started

Open temolate and tube copy and
paste tube above the top arrows
position to your liking
select the pink circle Select All-
and with your eraser tool erase the bottom part
of your tube.

Open paper 5 resize x400 pixels
copy, click on the pink circle layer
select all-float-defloat
paste your paper bove it and hit delete

Now click on your top film strip (you can colorize if you would like)
If not merge them togeher
copy n paste your tube under this
position your tubes face inside the top left
frame area Once you have it where you want it
use your magic wand click inside the frame area
Selections-Modify-Expand x3-Invert
and delete the extra on the tube
now Duplicate and mirror
Do the same for the bottom
merge all these faces together

Add the Xero Radiance with the default settings
on these tubes

Click on the rectangle and paste your tube above it
position inside the rectangle when you get it to
your liking click back on the rectangle
Select all-Float-Defloat-Invert
Delete on your tubes
merge them togther add the xero radiance
now change the blend mode to hard light
and lower the opacity to 40

I used the color changer to colorize the flames
to match my tag

Open element 48
resize x600 pixels copy and paste to your tag
duplicate and mirror. merge together
Adjust-Add Noise
91% Noise
Monochrome checked

Open element 9 resoze x75 pixels
copyand paste to your tag move to the right
position like mine duplicate and mirror

do the same with the stars

Open Heidis cute lil skulls
cop and paste to your tag move to the right
above the ADDICTED word art
duplicate and mirror

Open element #48 resize x600
copy and paste at the bottom of your tag
duplicate and rotate to the right
merger them together and add some noise

I used the manual color corrector
for the wordart so it matched my tube a lil better

Now you can add anyother doodads that
compliment the rest of your tag

Thank you so much for trying out my tut
be sure to come back and show me what yours
looks like

♥Addicted To Skullz♥ Mel
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♥Addicted To Skullz♥
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