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NAUGHTY GIRL  ChesterOcampoBreenaKellzz

This Tut was written on the 12th of July 2008
Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental


Tube of choice, I am using the great work of Chester Ocampo Scrapkit 20 by Gwyneth Creations
Mask by becky mask 22
No filters needed
Font of choice

Open a 500 x 500 blank canvas, and copy and paste a paper of your choice.

Go to layers, new mask layer from image. You want to scroll until you find your becky mask 22

invert mask data unchecked and merge group. You now want to add a drop shadow and colorize to match your tube.

Add your note paper and resize to your liking i resized mine by 80 %, add a drop shadow.

Take your criss crosses or x's and add to your paper like mine you will have to duplicate a couple of times.

X out all layers except for your criss crosses and merge visable.

Add your tube and drop shadow, you can now add embelishments of your choice and drop shadow of choice.

Add a saying and drop shadow, properties blend mode darken and opacity 75.

Add your copyrights at this time.

Add your name with something not to scripty and a color that matches one of the pens

because you want to be able to animate it.


Use one of the pencils for this one that way it looks like the pen/pencil is writing.

X out your name, and copy merged add to animation shop, now take your pen/cil and move it toward the middle, do the same again with a/s. You now want to position your pen/cil the way you would if you were writing. Now you want to un x your name and erase the majority of it that way its only part of the 1st line of your name is showing. Now copy merged and paste to animation shop. Now hit undo that way it brings your full name again you want to erase another part and set your pencil to where that ends. Now paste to animation shop. Keep doing these steps until you are all finished with your name. I ended up with 25 frames when I got done.

Can't wait to see your results! Smile

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