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 ♥Bad Ass Feline Predator♥

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PostSubject: ♥Bad Ass Feline Predator♥   Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:06 am

PSP x2 and Ani Shop
Tube of choice I'm using Celine Pinup Tubes
You can find her Fabulous Tubes HERE
Paper of Choice that compliments your tube
Font Jewel Hill

Plug Ins
Alien Skin Eye Candy-HSB Noise

Open new canvas 600x300 (we can resize later)
Open your tube and any other elements you
Open up paper 10 (or which ever one suits your tube)
copy and paste it to your tag
Copy and paste your tube to your tag.
resize depending on the tube you choose
and move it to the left.
Open your close up move it to the right
so just the face is in the top corner
Duplicate and mirror Duplicate again
and move to the bottom of the faces
and middle of your tag position so a
different body part is showing
Merge these 3 together and change the
Blend Mode to Luminance (L) and lower
the Opacity to 60
Effects-Xero-Radiance on default settings
add the same radiance settings to your
main tube.

Now using your Rectangle tool
make a thin rectangle just over the papers
See mine for size and position
Convert to a raster layer and move toward the top
duplicate and flip and merge together
now Select all-Float-Defloat
Modify-Select Selection Boarders
x1 - Invert and floodfill with white
Add some noise to it and move it just
under the main tube

Highlight your tube layer and add a new raster layer
Select all- Modify- Contract x10
Invert floodfill with white and add noise to it
Using your magic wand click inside your frame
Selections-Modify-Expand x2- Invert
floodfill with color from your tube
before you un select hit delete on your white frame
Select none
Lower opacity on the frame to 55
Go to Effects-Texture Effects-Weave
Move all sliders to 1 and colors to white

Duplicate your paper 3 times for a total
of 4 On the top one go to
Effects Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 textures
with these settings

HSB Noise

Click on the next paper Effects Eye Candy
and just hit random speed once
do the same for the next 2 papers
just hitting random speed once

Now add your copyright and we can animate

Make sure all your papers are showing
Copy merged And paste into your ani shop
Back to psp
Hide your 1st paper
Copy Merged
Paste after current frame
Do this for the next 2 papers
Now you should have 4 frames
Select all Animation - Frame Properties
Change to 25
Now View Animation and were done

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♥Bad Ass Feline Predator♥
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