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♥Bad Gurl♥ Badgina

this tag come from me own creative mind
any similarities are purely coincidental

you will need working knowledge of PSP and Ani shop
to fallow this tut

Tube of choice i purchased mine from Ismael Rac
you can find this tube and tons more HERE

WSL mask 302 and 351 HERE

Template 151 and PTU Scrap Kit called
London Look By the fabulous
Ginas Gems HERE

Open Gina's template and resize by 550
put the masks in their folder
Open the chicken wire el resize by 550
copy and paste at the bottom of all the layers
go to Layers-load mask 302 on the chicken wire
merge group
i pulled it out some and colorized it to match
my tube
Open paper #7 resize by 550 copy and paste
above the wire an add the 351 mask
merge group

open the London look deco2
resize by 550 copy and paste above the
masks duplicate and mirror

open one of the fan elements resize height by 175
copy and paste under the lines layer position
to the left (see mine) then duplicate and flip
merge these together then duplicate and mirror

Open paper #20 and copy
click on the vertical lines select all float- defloat
paste your paper above it
Invert and delete on the paper
add some noise to it

Open paper #10 copy
Click on the horizontal lines
Select all - float - defloat
paste paper hit Invert- delete on the paper
On the paper Select all - float - defloat
Modify - Select selections boarder
x2 both sides
add a new raster layer and floodfill with
a color from your tube
now add a nice noise to it

Using your majic wand click outside the circle layer
paste paper #6 resize by 450
and paste above your circle then hit delete
Select none
Select all - float - defloat - Modify
Expand x3 and floodfill with color from tube
add the same nosie to it as before

open the necklace and paste it above the
circle layers and move down some

open paper #9 resize by 450 an copy
merge the 2 square layers
select all - float - defloat - paste paper
Invert and delete on the paper

Open your tube and paste the face over the left
square position nicey nice
once u have it where u want it duplicate and mirror
click on the squares Select all - float - defloat
Invert and delete on each tube
now u can merge the 2 tubes together
I applied xero radiance to the tubes and
changed the blend mode to Luminance (L)

open one of the star ribbons resize width by 250
copy and paste above your tube (see mine)
duplicate and mirror
Click on the squares layer again select all - float -
Defloat - invert and delet on the ribbons

Now again click on the squares
Select all - Float - Defloat - Modify
Select selections border x2 both sides
add a new raster over the ribbonlayer
and flood fill black
now add some noise

Copy and paste your tube and position
in the circle. delete and extra

open 1 of the flowers resize widh by 300 pixels
copy and paste over the tube to the bottom

Now add any other elements u like from
the kit there is ALOT to play with

Add your copyright and names
and were done

♥Bad Gurl♥ Mel
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♥Bad Gurl♥
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